Hi. I'm SuperLegendary (sometimes abbreviated to ISLI and formerly II.Super_Legendary.II) - I also go by my online pseudonym: Nibbler's Shadow
I'm a Phone collector, Freela shipper, and someone who listens to the Sky EPG Music

I'm also an enthusiast for Futurama and ITV Nightscreen

I make videos mostly to do with the phones in my collection, TV continuity clips, and clips from new* episodes of Family Guy. However, that is not the only type of content I make, so please take a look at the videos I've made and see for yourself. Although I am best known for those videos.

2nd Channel - Nibbler's Shadow
Channel Project - Nokia Ring Tones
Old Channel - ISLI Archive

For those who want/need to contact me privately, my Reddit is 123playgames, my Discord is ISLI#1910, or alternatively you can use the "For business enquiries" email.

"Freela" refers to Philip J. Fry x Turanga Leela
*The episodes of Family Guy are brand new at the time of when I upload them