Unus Annus - Post Mortem

14. Stu 2020.
5 445 291 Pregleda

1.5 Million people were watching as we laid Unus Annus to rest. Thank you for turning these past 365 days into something truly special. Without you, it wouldn't have mattered at all. Memento Mori.

  • I remember when I left the livestream, the other videos still played, anD THEN I REFRESHED THE PAGE AND IT ALL STOPPED RESPONDING!! SO MANY REGENTS!!

    Ace KermitcatAce KermitcatPrije 13 minuta
  • Unaus anus re -upload channel already created

    Nandani GuptaNandani GuptaPrije 15 minuta
  • Sign of the times lyrics [Verse 1] Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times Welcome to the final show Hope you're wearing your best clothes You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky You look pretty good down here But you ain't really good [Pre-Chorus] We never learn, we been here before Why are we always stuck and running from The bullets? The bullets? We never learn, we been here before Why are we always stuck and running from The bullets? The bullets? [Chorus] Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times We gotta get away from here We gotta get away from here Just stop your crying, it'll be alright They told me that the end is near We gotta get away from here [Verse 2] Just stop your crying, have the time of your life Breaking through the atmosphere And things are pretty good from here Remember everything will be alright We can meet again somewhere Somewhere far away from here [Pre-Chorus] We never learn, we been here before Why are we always stuck and running from The bullets? The bullets? We never learn, we been here before Why are we always stuck and running from The bullets? The bullets? [Chorus] Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times We gotta get away from here We gotta get away from here Stop your crying, baby, it'll be alright They told me that the end is near We gotta get away from here [Pre-Chorus] We never learn, we been here before Why are we always stuck and running from The bullets? The bullets? We never learn, we been here before Why are we always stuck and running from The bullets? The bullets? [Bridge] We don't talk enough, we should open up Before it's all too much Will we ever learn? We've been here before It's just what we know [Outro] Stop your crying, baby, it's a sign of the times We gotta get away, we got to get away We got to get away, we got to get away We got to get away We got to, we got to, away We got to, we got to, away We got to, we got to, away

    MrFerskenMrFerskenPrije sat
  • I love the trumpet video.

    CSX 5367 Railfan productionsCSX 5367 Railfan productionsPrije sat
  • I will forever hold Unus Annus close to my heart. Anybody could call me silly for saying so but it was a huge help to me. My boyfriend died on January 28th, I remember the exact moment when I got the call telling me that person I spent 3 of the hardest years of my life with was gone. In just a split second the person I was with practically 24/7 was gone and I was never to see them again. Nobody knew I was with him at the time because my family and friends didn't like him so I kept everything a secret including my emotions. I eventually attempted suicide because everything was becoming too difficult and by some miracle I woke up after 2 days. The channel ended in the AM on my birthday, Nov 14th. Watching the stream just end along with everything else of Unus Annus flipped a switch. I told my family what I had been going through, I finally got the help I needed, I quit all my bad habits and I finally mourned the loss of my boyfriend. All thanks to you and Ethan making that channel. You guys showed a strong message. A message that saved a life and probably many more. I thank you guys for everything and hope to see more from you two

    Jade YoungJade YoungPrije 2 sati
    • I'm so sorry for your loss 😥

      jungshookjungshookPrije sat
  • I loved unus Annus. I'm falling away from all my favorite HRworldrs and unus annus was a good way to end my life on HRworld. It hurt but I'm moving on to my life. And I will always here and there watch my faves, and I love you mark, for finally being happy again. It truly lights up heart.

    Wigg MastaWigg MastaPrije 3 sati
  • Man I never even heard of it till it was already gone 😔😢

    Christopher WestChristopher WestPrije 4 sati
  • I know mark will never see this but, Will he ever open his time capsule from unus annus that he made? Kinda curious

    Adriane BonoanAdriane BonoanPrije 4 sati
  • I keep coming back to this video... I feel like there's a hole in my chest

    Jaime BeeepJaime BeeepPrije 5 sati
  • You guys need to make more content like that. Stuff like Markiplier makes or just general fuckery. I loved it and it would be amazing. Thank you for such an amazing year.

    DeefDeefPrije 6 sati
  • @Markiplier I have been searching for people trying to keep Unus Annus going. I will tell you what I find.

    SidewinderSidewinderPrije 7 sati
  • i was there

    japata651 The secondjapata651 The secondPrije 8 sati
  • I didn’t watch a thing Markiplier’s posted ever in my life and the day the Unus Annus channel would be deleted I watched their last moments on that channel then began to watch Marks content.

    Blue Moon DrawzBlue Moon DrawzPrije 8 sati
  • watched from day 1 to day 365 gang anyone?

    jasmzjasmzPrije 8 sati
  • Markiplier is darkiplier and annus

    Markss MedelisMarkss MedelisPrije 8 sati
    • Or at least he was Annus but he’s still darkiplier

      N43U N4ZN43U N4ZPrije 8 sati
  • I’m really mad that I wasn’t notified about this, been really busy with the military and I didn’t get to watch a lot but I loved what I did watch. HRworld really gotta mess it up for me with their algorithms man.

    Braxton KimeBraxton KimePrije 9 sati
  • i remember when the first video of unus annus was now its over i wish it didnt go unus annus made me happy when i felt down now its gone but i still will have some unus annus in my brain somewhere when im feeling down thank you for making unus annus. have a great daaaayyy

    Mr. HeyheyMr. HeyheyPrije 9 sati
  • i only found out about unus annus today because youtube kept recommending me animatics, and i was like, “why does that guy in the thumbnail look like mark” i never got to watch any of the videos :(

    katkatPrije 10 sati
  • vale et tibi gratias ago pro amici coquum in anno memoriam

    The worst content on YouTube EVERThe worst content on YouTube EVERPrije 10 sati
    • Because friends are delicious

      The worst content on YouTube EVERThe worst content on YouTube EVERPrije 10 sati
  • I feel the loss even though I never knew it existed

    Matt KMatt KPrije 10 sati
  • I'm so sad, now I have nothing to keep me entertained during my zoom class's 🙁

    Robert Jessica AlvaradoRobert Jessica AlvaradoPrije 10 sati
  • I didnt get to see the vids i just found out rn omFg IM SCREAMIN IM LATE

    gracegracePrije 10 sati
  • I watched that stream just saying

    coby blackburncoby blackburnPrije 13 sati
  • People say the work is pointless because it is getting deleted anyways, but that would mean life is pointless because we are going to die anyways

    JorinJorinPrije 13 sati
  • You know..this hits hard. Mark and Ethan, thank you. So, so much. I've been having a pretty rough time with my family, and your videos...they kept me sane. I've watched this 12 times. And the love I have for you two hasn't faded one bit. You're my HRworld family. You know, my mom doesn't understand. She doesn't understand why I'm still subscribed, or why I cried like a little bitch at 3 AM, since I'm in EST. People say that Unus Annus should've been done another year, but I disagree strongly. We needed it now more than ever, because this brought light to a very dark time. I know you probably won't see this, but I wanted to say it anyway. *FOREVER AN UNUS,* *DAKOTA*

    Dakota PierceDakota PiercePrije 13 sati
  • There's a guy who has taken the name and is streaming the videos

    first name last namefirst name last namePrije 14 sati
  • Nobody: Captions: *UNIS HONEST*

    Lunatic LariatLunatic LariatPrije 14 sati
  • I didn’t even get to watch any of it

    Br0wni3zGamingBr0wni3zGamingPrije 14 sati
  • I missed Unus Annus completely, because... well, idk. Its sad, because I missed it, but also it's kinda... Nice? I don't have to miss it, I just get to hear about the parts people love, and I get to hear all this, and it's lovely. Idk. It's cool.

    Saga JohanssonSaga JohanssonPrije 14 sati
  • fyi, there are channels repoating Unus Annus content: Unus Annus and Momento Mori

    [Blank][Blank]Prije 15 sati
  • This whole Unus Annus thing reminds me of a kendo quote "A thousand day's training, for one moment of reckoning."

    JoJo Reztorc03JoJo Reztorc03Prije 15 sati
  • The first I'd heard about this was when I saw some people just spamming the words "unnus annus" and a HRworld link on Reddit. Never looked into it as just assumed it was some random spambot. I don't recall you promoting it, not that I've seen much of your videos as the content hasn't appealed to me as much as it used to. This can at least serve as some explanation as to what it was, I guess.

    KieranKieranPrije 16 sati
  • What’s unus annus

    Jaxbig10 ————Jaxbig10 ————Prije 16 sati
    • 😂

      Δημήτρης ΘώμογλουΔημήτρης ΘώμογλουPrije sat
    • boy you missed out. oof.

      TheEpicRedstonerTheEpicRedstonerPrije 15 sati
  • "memories aren't created... without an end. "

    Taliesin SilvercrowTaliesin SilvercrowPrije 16 sati
  • Yeah I think their channel was pretty much pointless if he deleted it so that is why I didn't watch it

    Shanil KumarShanil KumarPrije 17 sati
  • I feel sad not because it’s gone but because I didn’t watch it 😔

    Juan PascualJuan PascualPrije 17 sati
  • when Mark said "BUH BYE" I got struck with a thousand flashbacks

    soiung toiuesoiung toiuePrije 17 sati
  • i literally cryied for a week :(

    Lil_ PotatoLil_ PotatoPrije 17 sati
  • I have lots of fun like games trying not to laugh. He talking about it.

    Tabitha norwoodTabitha norwoodPrije 18 sati
  • Unus Annus is so great

    Dioni D'AlmeidaDioni D'AlmeidaPrije 18 sati
  • Dead channel

    Smileyfoosil ?Smileyfoosil ?Prije 19 sati
    • I feel just like mark

      soiung toiuesoiung toiuePrije 17 sati
  • there is a channel out there posting Unus Annus vids

    cobblestone procobblestone proPrije 19 sati
  • You're an inspirational dude 😘

    Quinn JohnsonQuinn JohnsonPrije 20 sati
  • Is the new channel realll ????

    Brad MBrad MPrije 21 sat
  • wait what heist 2?!?!

    hoomanhoomanPrije 21 sat
  • Im extremely sad and regretful for not watching unas annus

    FroggiBitzFroggiBitzPrije 21 sat
  • Ethan: I'm not ok Mark:I..am satisfied.. Even post mortem the yin and yang still fits

    Doom SPARTANDoom SPARTANPrije 21 sat
  • I missed it, but yet I feel the impact of it being gone

    Sorry In AdvanceSorry In AdvancePrije 22 sati
    • As soon as i finished the video i went to spotify and the first song to come on was When You Die by MGMT yeah okay universe i get it

      Sorry In AdvanceSorry In AdvancePrije 22 sati
  • I just got back from deployment and I missed so much unus anus :(

    Jason vetitoeJason vetitoePrije 23 sati
  • TL;DR The whole meaning of life, is dying. Deep shit right there.

    Máscara VerdeMáscara VerdePrije 23 sati
  • HEIST 2?!?!?!?

    Jake plays GamesJake plays GamesPrije 23 sati
  • Anyone else thinks he would be a great actor

    Youssef Al GhroryYoussef Al GhroryPrije 23 sati
  • -lol-

    Adriel tries to AnimateAdriel tries to AnimatePrije dan
  • when the screen turned black, all i saw was myself sobbing.

    anotherblondeanotherblondePrije dan
  • I feel just like mark

    Drayden FlowDrayden FlowPrije dan
  • LAST

    Red1ieRed1iePrije dan
  • The energy of Unus Annus, being able to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, even when facing your own death, knowing you can't avoid it, and being satisfied st the end, knowing the time you spent wasn't wasted, that you did what you wanted to do and you're content with meeting the end is everything I strive for in my life. I hope when my time comes I can feel happy with what my life was. Thank you for showing me something truly beautiful. Memento Mori.

    QuattraSol99QuattraSol99Prije dan
  • I didn't know Unus Annus was going to be deleted so now I'm not gonna be able to enjoy it all But I guess that's also the point

    Charlie BertrandCharlie BertrandPrije dan
  • Officially, you're one of my favorite HRworldrs out here!

    Business GuideBusiness GuidePrije dan
  • I couldn't watch last 1 month because of my family I feel terrible :'(

    Gamer CatGamer CatPrije dan
  • Hey mark thaeres a chanel that is ising the name unnus annus and posting your and ethans content and also posting old unnus annus vids and using the intro and basically just trying to be unnus annus

    lucy coxlucy coxPrije dan
  • Y'all should make a unas annas 2.0

    Daft Cheese33Daft Cheese33Prije dan
  • Marks laugh and smile at the end made me actually cry and it put the biggest smile on my face. Seeing mark at the wnd of the video like that just gave me so many emotions but I'm so happy and proud for Mark for where he is now he truely deaerves it

    Kimberly RutherfordKimberly RutherfordPrije dan
  • Ok mark is insanely

    Harry JhonsunHarry JhonsunPrije dan
  • Yeah but sometimes end must have a new beginning

    Nather HazardNather HazardPrije dan
  • The people who watched Unus Annus are a group of an elite few, there are so many things we know about that there is no proof to show of it. Never forget the Dance of Italy, Woah, woah, woah.

    ChristoChristoPrije dan
  • he looks like keanu reeves

    Sebastian MoglanSebastian MoglanPrije dan
  • 5:02 Mark, my only contention with this statement is that it would have mattered a lot. *It mattered to you, whether anyone saw it or not.*

    E FulmerE FulmerPrije dan
  • I watched the entire live stream,except for the last 30 mins when I fell asleep :'( I didn't get a proper goodbye!

    Serenity NightshadeSerenity NightshadePrije dan
  • Mack you made me cry asshole😰

    Sebastian MahechaSebastian MahechaPrije dan
  • Bitchhhh i want unnus anus season 2 !!!!!!

    bitch im a cowbitch im a cowPrije dan
  • oh so like how i didn't realize how important my great grandma was until cancer tool her

    flowerboyflowerboyPrije dan
  • i didnt even notice unnus annus going around and only found out about it from critikals video rip me man

    Rock lookin' manRock lookin' manPrije dan
  • Bring back the nake calendar

    Mirna CuellarMirna CuellarPrije dan
  • Thanks for unus annus

    sam velezsam velezPrije dan
  • Thank you for unus annus 😃😃

    Mr.lizardMr.lizardPrije dan
  • i miss unnus annus

    G-LokkG-LokkPrije dan
  • i heard about this last week i never knew it would end i wanted to watch it today and now hear its gone MAN I HATE HAVING WORK

    666_TRASH LXRDE_666666_TRASH LXRDE_666Prije dan
  • Unus Annus: *Deletes channel* Most people: *_Cries_* HRworld Premium users who downloaded every video: Oh no. Anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    S'moresyS'moresyPrije dan
  • I saw all the respect pages and stuff so I thought an actual person passed away, I'd assumed it was COVID to be honest. Was that the point? Because of the pandemic? I'm confused.

    Godzilla King of the MonstersGodzilla King of the MonstersPrije dan
  • I'm here because of the del monte video, it worked

    Tea BroskiTea BroskiPrije dan
  • I feel so bad that I just found out about unus annus

    ThreewheelyThreewheelyPrije dan
  • Is Memento Mori a legit channel? It’s uploading daily videos.

    Sarah AmeliaSarah AmeliaPrije dan
  • Mark you literally posted a video two days ago

    Erika ParraErika ParraPrije dan
  • I still hace a memory of a video :) ''Making food with s*x toys'' xd

    joana colon colonjoana colon colonPrije dan
  • Eef: **grieving** Us: **grieving** Mark: Del Monte you son of a--

    ohnoohnoPrije dan
  • "you dont know what youve got until its gone"-tom kiefer

    Axolotl 563Axolotl 563Prije dan
  • Hi 😊

    Prije dan
  • After the pandemic is over do you think you, Tyler, and Ethan can do more Markiplier makes? I will really miss unus annus and I feel like that would make me a lot happier.

    Mutilated CowMutilated CowPrije dan
  • Unus anus is the same thing with the death of all rappers. They are appreciated after their death and becoming overrated

    Artiom The BestArtiom The BestPrije dan
  • *U N U S A N N U S*

    -ItzMrDerpKing12 - Y-ItzMrDerpKing12 - YPrije dan
  • Rip Unnes and Annes

    Benjamin Von HolsteinBenjamin Von HolsteinPrije dan
  • Is there supposed to be an Unus Annus 2, or is that someone reuploading? I wanted to watch some of the content, but i haven’t because I don’t want to give them views if it’s just someone disrespecting the creators wishes

    Satfire's CatSatfire's CatPrije dan
  • I'm so disappointed that I missed Unus Annus

    Prince VegetaPrince VegetaPrije dan
  • 1: r.i.p. unnus annus 2: who THE FUCK IS UNNUS ANNUS

    Scribblz But no scribblzScribblz But no scribblzPrije dan
    • ikr

      CarlTheSkunkCarlTheSkunkPrije dan
  • :(

    TriverTriverPrije dan

    Wolfinstine The FlamingWolfinstine The FlamingPrije dan
  • The editor failed to stop the clock

    Everyonelove StuffEveryonelove StuffPrije dan
  • I will always remember unus annus 😪😪😪😪 it will always b embedded into my heart🥺😪

    IVI SKullyGAmerIVI SKullyGAmerPrije dan
  • im so sad that i could not watch the end because i was asleep

    AtomPlays3000YTAtomPlays3000YTPrije dan