Trading a Penny FOR an iPhone 12 **IT WORKED**

4. Stu 2020.
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We went from a single penny to an ACTUAL new iPhone 12.. And I'm giving it to one of you! So watch until the end to see how to enter :)
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    FaZe RugFaZe RugPrije 20 dana
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      kangaroomartin 456kangaroomartin 456Prije dan
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      Ricardo RodriguezRicardo RodriguezPrije 20 dana
    • @Chef Pee Pee no

      crazy kidzzcrazy kidzzPrije 20 dana
    • I comment cause you tell me too

      THE Savage gameTHE Savage gamePrije 20 dana
    • Rug inspired me to start making videos I saw his previous video👌🔥💯 hopefully I win the iphone 12 to improve the quality of my videos Instagram @est3_felip3_

      G 9INE MusicG 9INE MusicPrije 20 dana
  • Hey I'm dumb I know But does anybody know the name of the outro song?

    J.A.VJ.A.VPrije 15 minuta
  • me

    Harlow BoysHarlow BoysPrije 16 minuta
  • Instagram is Trey_is_smart using and iPhone 5 rn

    savage gangsavage gangPrije 19 minuta
  • I do

    destinys Miracledestinys MiraclePrije 20 minuta
  • Me plz facebook mohamed rayen farah

    new skinnew skinPrije 24 minuta
  • Yo

    new skinnew skinPrije 24 minuta
  • can i have the i phone 12

    Angelica ZamudioAngelica ZamudioPrije 41 minute
  • Omg 😲😱😲😱😲😱😲😱😲 omg 😲😱😍😭😳😫😲😱😍

    Cornelia MaelumCornelia MaelumPrije 47 minuta
  • I need a new phone I have a iPhone 6s

    VV DDVV DDPrije 53 minuta
  • All of us know when he said he needs to thank her, he went to pay for the gummy bear

    It’s.VasudhaIt’s.VasudhaPrije sat
  • hello, I am trying to gift my sis a iPhone 12 for her birthday, cuz she has a really busted iPhone 5 SE, so if you could help me out that would be great. my insta is: savanamarker1

    Trav/ OrtTrav/ OrtPrije sat
  • I did all of that Snapchat Bobbi Kinkelaar

    Bobbi KinkelaarBobbi KinkelaarPrije sat
  • Insta. Bezze_on_ipad

    Bezze_on_ipadBezze_on_ipadPrije sat
  • i liked and subscibed

    Zeenat GulZeenat GulPrije sat
  • alway to LA to or what

    Joshua ToscanoJoshua ToscanoPrije sat
  • i subbed and liked your the best!!!!

  • I'm pretty shore you all ready gave the phone out but if you didn't my snap I ( monkey200927) an my insta is (haleysmith5641) it would be really nice to be the winner and get bc my mom tried to get one and we couldn't get and my phone is really laggy and cracked. 0 to none of a chance of winning this😂

    Haley SmithHaley SmithPrije sat
  • can i have the iphone 12 pleas

    Thp MasinyaThp MasinyaPrije sat
  • I want a I phone 12

    Dawn PridgenDawn PridgenPrije sat
  • Can i ask also a phone because my phone was broke, i really need a new phone so that i can continue to watch your video. God bless,, im your fan from the philippines.

    Arlene BerameArlene BeramePrije sat
  • OMG it would mean the woorrrlldddd to me if I won the phone I am actually in need of a new phone as my iPhone 7 is cracked a lot : ( 🤩🤩🤩 My insta if alisha0747

    Alisha LehnerAlisha LehnerPrije sat
  • Rug is best

    Raja king .123 007Raja king .123 007Prije 2 sati
  • @changing_my_ig_name

    Joshua GordonJoshua GordonPrije 2 sati
  • I sadly don’t have any social media so I can’t win

    The legit ProductionsThe legit ProductionsPrije 2 sati
  • Pokémon card unboxing I collect pokemons

    David MiguelDavid MiguelPrije 2 sati
  • I want it my Instagram is Nikolas_.kef

  • Im subscibed and liked the video heres my snap if your down to send it to me Kyra8835

    sherry carrollsherry carrollPrije 2 sati
  • I want phone plz I am going to die if y don't give Me

    Riddhi ShahRiddhi ShahPrije 2 sati
  • Ayyy nice vid if I win you can contact me on Instagram (malmosefrederik) but I don’t have good luck🤞🏼😯

    Frederik MalmoseFrederik MalmosePrije 2 sati
  • 1200 martin i the phone12

    Martin AlvarezMartin AlvarezPrije 3 sati
  • I won’t

    The tess ShowThe tess ShowPrije 3 sati
  • Let’s go black market trading

    OakgamingOakgamingPrije 3 sati
  • My IG it’s.youngking23 I don’t care if you pick me but my phone broke

    Kassem AliKassem AliPrije 3 sati
    • And I sub,liked

      Kassem AliKassem AliPrije 3 sati
  • Ig:@sheoffcapp__

    Off CappOff CappPrije 3 sati
  • the fact that you will buy your subscribers a iphone 12 is amazing snapchat: avaspoto

    Ava SpotoAva SpotoPrije 3 sati
  • i want it AYE aYE YUh me want it

    Maxim BaroneMaxim BaronePrije 4 sati
  • Can you make more videos like this

    Marisela CardenasMarisela CardenasPrije 4 sati
  • My grandad died to day😢

    No Skills NeededNo Skills NeededPrije 4 sati
  • whose gonna join the giveaway when you could be on your way to a mall with only 1 penny in your pocket

    Vidush RajevanVidush RajevanPrije 4 sati
  • Love your videos Insta: mikeybaerlin98

    Mikey BaerlinMikey BaerlinPrije 4 sati
  • I want it

    Tao TubeTao TubePrije 4 sati
  • I really wanted a iPhone 12 so bad it’s on my Christmas wish list 10 times all caps please if I’m late that sucks 😭🥺😢 BUT I love your vids and keep up the awesome work dude 👍🏻👍🏻

    Aliyah MeraniAliyah MeraniPrije 4 sati
  • Hi Rug!! good job on making amazing Videos! instagram: boo_im_innocent

    Kaetlynn SalomonKaetlynn SalomonPrije 4 sati
  • Done 😁 My last phones battery explodes 😭 rlly hope I get a new one Edit: oh yea my Instagram is astro._xy

    Gamers BKGamers BKPrije 4 sati
  • For his birthday

    DOCS TVDOCS TVPrije 5 sati
  • Unsubscribe all

    DOCS TVDOCS TVPrije 5 sati
  • I watch your video’s like every day after school. I could take it what do I do

    Joseph SkulnikJoseph SkulnikPrije 5 sati
  • I liked and subscribed

    Becca The BossBecca The BossPrije 5 sati
  • Me

    Becca The BossBecca The BossPrije 5 sati
  • done" beverly_mendoza My phone is the old one iPhone 4s grrr

    Beverly Ann MendozaBeverly Ann MendozaPrije 5 sati
  • Or Pokémon cards pls

    Obed ArreolaObed ArreolaPrije 6 sati
  • Can I get iPhone 12 trading a comment to subscribe and sharing video too What do you think guys 🤝👌😁

    Tejas viradiyaTejas viradiyaPrije 6 sati
  • FaZe Rug could pls have iPhone 12 pls pls pls pls

    Obed ArreolaObed ArreolaPrije 6 sati
  • I’m your biggest fan

    Obed ArreolaObed ArreolaPrije 6 sati
  • Keep it

    Lidia CovaciLidia CovaciPrije 6 sati
  • Never gonna win

    Pyro TixPyro TixPrije 6 sati
  • He literally has a Louis Vitton 😷

    nake najeebnake najeebPrije 6 sati
  • Done

    P S NP S NPrije 7 sati
    • Vote for me

      P S NP S NPrije 7 sati
  • Yo, rug

    ShidoraShidoraPrije 7 sati
  • Iphone 12

    BlaZe CoffeeBlaZe CoffeePrije 7 sati
  • Me

    ezclaps 13ezclaps 13Prije 7 sati
  • is that akshely iphone 12 i’m shoket

    Mika GurbanliMika GurbanliPrije 7 sati
  • Yo I love the vids and when I see a vid like this my day is made much love man!!

    deadskillssdeadskillssPrije 8 sati
  • Insta=aky.decks

    Achille TamborrinoAchille TamborrinoPrije 8 sati
  • This literally reminds me of adopt me in roblox😂

    Gacha kid ;-;Gacha kid ;-;Prije 8 sati
  • I want iphone 12 Instagram k06_mihailov

    Калоян МихайловКалоян МихайловPrije 9 sati
  • Poookeeeemooonnnn

    GAMER x 1000GAMER x 1000Prije 9 sati

    Naomi Quinn WidartaNaomi Quinn WidartaPrije 9 sati
  • Liked commented Ig: __.ameyyy

    Amey SAmey SPrije 9 sati
  • Can u give me a shout out pls

    Barbarah AndrawsBarbarah AndrawsPrije 9 sati
  • Subcribe my channel if you lovvveee❤ faZe rug's videos🔥❤🔥

    MR *Killer*MR *Killer*Prije 10 sati
  • Done

    Ali Bin Mohd HassanAli Bin Mohd HassanPrije 10 sati
  • Me seeing this video and trying to do the same But got kicked out on first one !! BRUHH😐😐

    Boss GamingBoss GamingPrije 10 sati
  • Honestly THEEE BEST !!!

    Morena IongiMorena IongiPrije 10 sati
  • Wow. 🥰🥰

    Felicy GalaFelicy GalaPrije 10 sati
  • I did it you can contact me Instagram

    Nibin & BiniNibin & BiniPrije 11 sati
  • Needed this for ONLINE CLASSES INSTAGRAM- _kaustubh_8121

    Kaustubh MhatreKaustubh MhatrePrije 11 sati
  • Please give me the iPhone i rlly need it..

    Evan Binoy MathewEvan Binoy MathewPrije 11 sati
  • i want that my insta is aashan_12 i would be so like happy if you just only contact me

    Aashan HaiderAashan HaiderPrije 11 sati
  • I have Liked and Subscribed, loved the Video been a fan for a while my insta ollie_baker474

    Ollie Gaming67Ollie Gaming67Prije 11 sati
  • Sup dude i whould love a 12 . Dm me on insta if i won @rufus.vieweg

    Rufus ViewegRufus ViewegPrije 12 sati
  • To me I would have kept the cards instead of getting the phone cause u could have got a 5k card

    F34R _AlmightyF34R _AlmightyPrije 12 sati
  • Give me the iphone 12 plz plz My ig @akhtar.alhabshee plzz plzz my coutry are malaysian

  • Nice

    Rolando AmoresRolando AmoresPrije 12 sati
  • Love you faze rug

    Kaney_Poo K boyKaney_Poo K boyPrije 12 sati
  • Did all

    Kaney_Poo K boyKaney_Poo K boyPrije 12 sati
  • The positive energy is the best from each video of effort you put into to create a good world for everyone I could possibly win snapchat @austinwells1

    Austin HelloAustin HelloPrije 12 sati
  • I do pleas ei need a new phone

    Maddog07 BrewerMaddog07 BrewerPrije 12 sati
  • I did everything my ig is: lucas_mcmaken my phone is pretty old and the battery goes down super fast.

    Lucas McMakenLucas McMakenPrije 12 sati
  • Yes open Cards

    Zampaii.TwitchZampaii.TwitchPrije 13 sati
  • I want an iPhone 12 so my Instagram is @_mujtaba_789😀😀 Reason: my dad is a tailor so I don't have enough money to get a new mobile my mobile is an 2006 model

    Sultana Mirza MirzaSultana Mirza MirzaPrije 13 sati
    • "Done"

      Sultana Mirza MirzaSultana Mirza MirzaPrije 13 sati
  • Lmao I got click baited just bc of that UNSUBED

    xFx Landonm4xFx Landonm4Prije 13 sati
  • Sup

    Gamebro YtGamebro YtPrije 13 sati
  • Hell yeah

    H1tmarker12H1tmarker12Prije 13 sati
  • Yes Pokemon

    Hunter :\Hunter :\Prije 14 sati
  • Dud I would love those cards

    David KruegerDavid KruegerPrije 14 sati
  • I feel like the only reason he got to the final item is all of the store receptionists are fans.

    Jago RosenbergJago RosenbergPrije 14 sati
  • Done! Really would appreciate it if I won my phone is super slow and laggy. And I can’t afford a new phone so yea! Instagram: madisonmckee27 Good luck to everyone!

    Madison MckeeMadison MckeePrije 14 sati
  • Donee Tiktok _turpig_

    dreamer meeradreamer meeraPrije 14 sati