Rich Became Poor for 24 Hours!

25. Sij 2021.
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Life is Unfair / Girls vs Boys Funny Situations:
Do you like extreme sensations and challenges? Then you will definitely love our new video, in which a rich couple will face all the problems of poverty!
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  • Where did the men in black came from come from

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  • I want to be rich

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  • Even though it is not as good as it is for the rest of us and the

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  • I do not like it cause you do not put poor in a it🐦

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  • OH ON😣😣😣 rich to poor I don't no if I cod hadlet I wod be dead if I done it

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  • What are. You. Names

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  • 7:27 they have same hair color LOL.

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  • Thats the same attic as the jumanji.

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  • Lol this is nice and kinda weird tbh.. edit: and creative

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  • 4:18 its a cool plate with paterns.

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  • Lol the dishes broke for some reason them - laundrys the dishes. How its not gonna broke.

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  • I like it very very much

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  • She said kitchen for the bathroom did anyone notice that?

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  • I love the rich and the poor the Poor is very cute

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  • When they know their broke but they can’t even food

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  • Yes i love it. Ut should show that some people can have a luxiours life but some people and they should understand the condition of poor people

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  • Like,we really dont know how to make noodles!

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  • That sad they lost everything

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