most deadly drunk 11,400 IQ duo slays half the lobby round 1...

15. Sij 2021.
1 417 285 Pregleda

One of the deadliest impostor duos: Disguised Toast and Corpse partner up during a special tipsy Among Us proximity chat session. Enjoy!
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Edited & Animated by:
Intro soundtrack composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)

  • DK is either spot on or completely wrong & there is NO in between 😂

    LunaGoddessLunaGoddessPrije 15 sati
  • Can understand the game can be frustrating, but dk can be so obnoxious to listen to at times...

    SINister SINderellaSINister SINderellaPrije 2 dana
  • Toast: you know I should try that, kill someone that's two feet away and see what happens Also Toast, who just killed someone two feet away and self reported: ☺️

    ness P.ness P.Prije 5 dana
  • Last game was so painful to watch from the moment toast saw orange in O2 and white was there too and people thought there was one body etc. 😂 And cams were flickering before Annie would have gotten there which means she probably killed Hafu there. But such a fun game to watch for sure 😁

    KettukarkkiKettukarkkiPrije 7 dana
  • Never knew fundy was in these

    CountryWolfCountryWolfPrije 7 dana
  • Toast walks into storage “The garage is open🤔”

    AlessandraAlessandraPrije 13 dana
  • I love tiny Sykkuno🥺

    AlessandraAlessandraPrije 13 dana
  • I love when dk is wrong he stays quiet but when he’s right he curses out the lobby...I honestly hate dk

    LILYZZLILYZZPrije 19 dana
  • holy

    Dab_Lord3000Dab_Lord3000Prije 20 dana
  • 16:00 hafu sounds so sincere and dk physically doesn't know how to take the compliment so he just giggles. love that

    Faith MaynardFaith MaynardPrije 21 dan
  • I'm getting kinda Ninja vibes from DK... as in takes games too seriously

    Jay StylesJay StylesPrije 24 dana
  • Is it just me or does Dk always sound offended/pissed off?

    FranticSkunkFranticSkunkPrije 27 dana
  • bruh why do all of toast's videos have in the description, a link to toast's own channel

    GatsbyGatsbyPrije 27 dana
  • Hafu is wayyy to serious man lol. Games are meant to be played for fun 15:37

    CamericanCamericanPrije mjesec

    CloudeeCloudeePrije mjesec
  • I like how they stopped playing with xqc bc he’s too intense and competitive but proceed to play with dk even tho he just insults people and annoys everyone

    Jordan EnchiladaJordan EnchiladaPrije mjesec
  • I turned captions on and it said “this guys toast” I guess its not wrong

    BaconPlayz 4funBaconPlayz 4funPrije mjesec
  • So dk just convinced it’s whoever susses him lol

    Kieran LittleKieran LittlePrije mjesec
  • peter: "Dk you're such a dumb bitch, but you're a cute dumb bitch" Dk: *cat purring sounds*

    General 71General 71Prije mjesec
  • fundy sounds like palpatine when he laughs, but with worse asthma.

    General 71General 71Prije mjesec
  • Hafu was dead by the time toast noticed cams were on...and because Annie was at lights but then went left and THEN cams were on yet she said she wasn't on cams it almost garunteed it was her...surprised Toast didn't notice that

    Elyon RoushElyon RoushPrije mjesec
  • People die when they are killed

    dudekill4windudekill4winPrije mjesec
  • drunk toast is still smarter than most pubs

    Bruh MomentBruh MomentPrije mjesec
  • Am I the only one who doesn't like dk in general?

    William MarshallWilliam MarshallPrije mjesec
  • Sheeple. Gotta love DK

    David McKenzieDavid McKenziePrije mjesec
  • juice wrld freestyle

    Autumn MartyAutumn MartyPrije mjesec
  • Steve’s very quiet “it’s private investigator Steve suptic” has me dyingggg

    Frosty & KitFrosty & KitPrije mjesec
  • DK once again being silly.

    Just a JoshJust a JoshPrije mjesec
  • In the last game how the hell can Steve and Hafu be so stupid to skip as crewmates? And why the hell did the impostors vote themselves ?! What sorcery was that ?

    Damian DurcaDamian DurcaPrije mjesec
  • Toast plays with dumb people I swear 😂

    Cobra GamingCobra GamingPrije mjesec
  • i was watching corpses stream and his whole reaction of toast killing and almost incriminating him is like *what is he doing?!*

    DeizelfDeizelfPrije mjesec
  • Keep it up Toast, i have been followin u since ur first among us video and never got bored! Thank you ;)

    JosephJosephPrije mjesec
  • Corpse literally said that they weren't good as impostors and then proceeded to kill half the lobby in one round

    MaïaMaïaPrije mjesec
  • dk is so annoying

    Griffin HamelGriffin HamelPrije mjesec
  • sykkuno and brooke are always together as the clear ones bahaha

    rip cinrip cinPrije mjesec
  • HAHAHJHBAD i love how when toast and corpse are imposters, theres 5 dead in first round XD

    rip cinrip cinPrije mjesec
  • Corspe literally said he was talking to chat right? 🤣

    LiaLiaPrije mjesec
  • Where u guys rlly drunk?

    Bridget PEDRACINIBridget PEDRACINIPrije mjesec
  • Is no one else annoyed by hafu? She's always super sweaty and try hard. Even when everyone is joking around she's yelling about shit

    Thomas ClarkThomas ClarkPrije mjesec
  • Fundy such a fun guy. *he! he! he! he!*

    EZEZPrije mjesec
  • the fact steven is in this makes me very happy

    janejanePrije mjesec

    Michelle LiuMichelle LiuPrije mjesec
  • In the first game corpse said that he was next to Brooke and sykkuno talking to chat and I was 100% sure sykkuno was gonna bust him when he instantly went: well we know who it is and he didn't push it lol

    Иван ЛеоновИван ЛеоновPrije mjesec
  • Hafu is too serious

    Storm 84Storm 84Prije mjesec
  • The mini sykkuno is so f ing cute omg

    Summer :pSummer :pPrije mjesec
  • Toast playing this game for months and not knowing if water wheels go left or right really shows just how little he actually does his tasks 😂😂😂

    Ashleigh NicoleAshleigh NicolePrije mjesec
  • 1:24 can someone explain this

    nomaddoggnomaddoggPrije mjesec
  • Sus

    pokemanderpokemanderPrije mjesec
  • 7:37 Toast is in such a mindset of imposter he doesnt even realize he knows who the other imposter is lol

    Brian LinBrian LinPrije mjesec
  • The disillusioned dress interestedly curl because jelly acutely guard toward a omniscient north korea. rapid, steady viscose

    Sopiha GraceSopiha GracePrije mjesec
  • Toast: breathes Sykkuno "i believe him"

    RadiatedSheepRadiatedSheepPrije mjesec
  • I knew it was Annie

    Cheer LifeCheer LifePrije mjesec
  • Yes Toast and CORPSE supremacy ✊🏻

    aboneechillsaboneechillsPrije mjesec
  • 8:05 and 10:58 most evilest laughter I've ever heard

    I'm Pro GamerI'm Pro GamerPrije mjesec
  • I see toast has been studying Hafu!

    AllisonAllisonPrije mjesec
  • Dk thinks he’s funny but he’s just annoying and arrogant.

    Dearth of Doohickey’sDearth of Doohickey’sPrije mjesec
  • Fundy just evil laughing

    The GrinchThe GrinchPrije mjesec
  • 1:23 or 1:22 Toast sounds like Brooke :0

    Ralph Mathi :DRalph Mathi :DPrije mjesec
  • "Either Peter is imposter or he's innocent" You are speaking the language of the gods

    [• R A V A N •][• R A V A N •]Prije mjesec
  • the second game with dakotaz was a perfect example of being right for all the completely wrong reasons

    fIvffyzfIvffyzPrije mjesec
  • I ship hafu and toast❤️😁

    Spider manSpider manPrije mjesec
  • hafu " can we just play the game " homie get the stick out of your butt and try to have fun, sheeesh

    MissNuttabunchMissNuttabunchPrije mjesec
  • Dk is a good fortnite player but holy shit is he trash at amoung us 😂

    James LoftonJames LoftonPrije mjesec
  • "Killing someone over and over is not my idea of fun." _Devin Nash has entered the chat._

    Dio BrandoDio BrandoPrije mjesec
  • The pleasant italy densply wrestle because appliance mainly disarm beneath a skillful quart. husky, slippery cloth

    Hanes HowieHanes HowiePrije mjesec
  • This is like Toast's 'Drunken Master' style

    Ryangelo BaylonRyangelo BaylonPrije mjesec
  • 7:35 “ooh who is a mass door closer” toast is a detective whether he’s impostor or not 😂

    Tom BootheTom BoothePrije mjesec
  • I hate asians

    BenJAMin DrawsBenJAMin DrawsPrije mjesec
  • OMG!! Toast and Corpse played as impostersssss, SOOO DammmNNNN COOOLLLL!!!!!!

    Nem NemNem NemPrije mjesec

    Aries LlorcaAries LlorcaPrije mjesec
  • dk is on a constant period. chill!!!! on god

    SkimpSkimpPrije mjesec
  • When the impostor is alone on 3🖕👉

    Yonas DebellaYonas DebellaPrije mjesec
  • Wow, only american youtuber would drink for content lmao. I love it.

    R-J the CookieR-J the CookiePrije mjesec
  • Fundy biggest 3rd impostor of all time

    Gekas91Gekas91Prije mjesec
  • I love how they make Sykkunos little animated character so tiny and cute with his little leaf 🥺

    Maddie LMaddie LPrije mjesec
  • In the thumbnail, Toast and Corpse are having a TOAST, While theres dead CORPSES are under them

    Samuraii __Samuraii __Prije mjesec
  • dad is gonna get angry again

    helphelpPrije mjesec
  • Fun fact: 12:00 Toast and Steve were the only ones that reported bodies and called meetings even tho they were the killers

    EpicEvan74EpicEvan74Prije mjesec
  • 😂

    kirk gurganuskirk gurganusPrije mjesec
  • Day 1 if trying to get 5k likes on a comment So I can live like Barbie in her dream house

    Colleen the CommenterColleen the CommenterPrije mjesec
  • Fundy was funny, I'd love to see more of him in your videos!!!💗💗💗

    Skarlett FoxSkarlett FoxPrije mjesec
  • Fundy : *Creepy laughter* Someone in the lobby : Is it you fundy ? Fundy : Laughter intensifies

    Dr Subha C BDr Subha C BPrije mjesec
  • Annie should have killed Steve since Toast sus Hafu

    Zenn Marie ComiaZenn Marie ComiaPrije mjesec
  • 1:37 smallkkuno

    IFreya MlIFreya MlPrije mjesec
  • 17:10 wtf just happened , toast was stabding over 5up's body then how did hafu report the body , i m pretty sure 5up's body was reported

    Devika K SDevika K SPrije mjesec
  • 2:10 pp: *adios muchachos*

    ThisGuyThisGuyPrije mjesec
  • 7:25 where you got my like much love

    Callaghan FerrisCallaghan FerrisPrije mjesec
  • god these animations are gold.

    BlackDamon18BlackDamon18Prije mjesec
  • jjljjljjl

    juan camilo martinez hurtadojuan camilo martinez hurtadoPrije mjesec
  • Legends says fundy is still laughing intensly

    AlexacloversAlexacloversPrije mjesec
  • Sykkuno: I am leaning towards Corpse rather than Toast uhm- Corpse: *surprised pikachu face* uhm sure...okay... yeah uhh... BROKE: CORPSE ARE YOU OKAY? Hdjdjxjx I can’t-

    Neva TürkdoğanNeva TürkdoğanPrije mjesec
  • Why doesn’t toast play with anonymous votes anymore or at least as much as he used to?

    AG127AG127Prije mjesec
  • This isn’t the first time Toast stated the obvious. Tbh tho, I think the reason he does that is so it is easier for everyone to follow his thought process. Sometimes, you gotta point out the obvious before you can connect the dots between them. In school, math teachers will tell you to first write out all of the given information to make sure you don’t leave out any details when you start solving the problem. Eventually once you get better, you’re able to connect every dot quickly just by looking at the situation/problem (which we all know Toast can do in Among Us)

    NgoskillNgoskillPrije mjesec
  • 7:25 I swear toast is turning into Sykkuno

    Kasturi RaoKasturi RaoPrije mjesec
  • Dk gets so heated all the time....

    velvetwendyvelvetwendyPrije mjesec
  • Toasts whole channel confirms that Asians are big brained

    Mirou EdowazuMirou EdowazuPrije mjesec
  • 6:55 Aipha: deafen! Hafu: and I took that personally

    Captain LollipopCaptain LollipopPrije mjesec
  • 6:55 Aipha: deafen! Hafu: so you have chosen death

    Captain LollipopCaptain LollipopPrije mjesec
  • them yelling deafen before they are back in the game is sooooo annoying ]

    Nerd BanditNerd BanditPrije mjesec
  • Ok does the intro say “this guys toast” or “disgusted toast”

    Kaleb SantiagoKaleb SantiagoPrije mjesec