LeBron Celebrates 3 Early! Harden Says Team Not Good! 2020-21 NBA Season

13. Sij 2021.
316 741 Pregleda

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  • LeBron James is winning that mvp

    _realisaiahd_realisaiahdPrije 7 dana
  • LeBron hits that no look three and a few days later Brooklyn made a big three. Coincidence? I think not

    UnidentifiedUnidentifiedPrije 8 dana
  • It would have been funny if he missed 😂

    TripiATripiAPrije 9 dana
  • Idk why his notifications switches from same day to days later HRworld on some bullshit.

    Tevon HunterTevon HunterPrije 9 dana
  • Curry or lebron for mvp

    Joshua MilesJoshua MilesPrije 10 dana
  • How about Luka for MVP? Ahead of shebron in all three of the main categories points rebounds and assists. Oh and Luka is top 5 in two of those three categories. Not to mention he is close to averaging a triple double with a poor start to the season.

    GiasJuliiGiasJuliiPrije 10 dana
  • Durant is wining MVP for sure

    Ugo AmadiohaUgo AmadiohaPrije 10 dana
  • Subscribe I Hit 1k Congrats 🎉

  • I don’t think the nba is going to love it when their salary cap goes down.

    J JJ JPrije 11 dana
  • James Softden

    Kevin HartKevin HartPrije 11 dana
  • 1ssssssssssssssst

    Daniel BerriDaniel BerriPrije 11 dana
  • That LeBron 3 got Harden so mad that he left for Brooklyn

    Mamba HDMamba HDPrije 11 dana
  • Lebron going for 7! If he does then he can legitimately argue that he's the G.O.A.T.

    Luc LonglyLuc LonglyPrije 11 dana
  • Smoove says Lebron is playing the best Bradley Beal has entered the chat:

    Anthony !Anthony !Prije 11 dana
  • Steph for mvp? Chris come on

    Tyshawn HudsonTyshawn HudsonPrije 11 dana
  • Damn, look at J. Harden's belly. What type of BBQ ribs he has been eating?

    Thomas ThomasThomas ThomasPrije 11 dana
  • Stephen curry, Bradly beal

    Nieam MylesNieam MylesPrije 11 dana
  • That no look 3 sends Harden to Brooklyn

    Berubo16 baynteDesesaysBerubo16 baynteDesesaysPrije 11 dana
  • Embiid has been balling out and the 76ers were in the lead before. MVP candidate for you right there

    Jumbo KevinJumbo KevinPrije 11 dana
  • 1:14 that pass thou

    leikeze 8.8leikeze 8.8Prije 11 dana
  • What about Bradley beal for mvp

    bobo st.amourbobo st.amourPrije 11 dana
  • Bradley Beal been balling outtt

    Mohamed BahMohamed BahPrije 11 dana
  • 高端外围 各大城市 、🧍‍♀️学生 、老师 、空姐 ……➕V zydlhqx

    花夕花夕Prije 12 dana
  • It’s several players playing great basketball y’all just so stuck on lbj y’all can’t see curry,P.G,K.D,Dame,joker and it’s only 10 games in.smh mvp shouldn’t even be talked about

    PurpleCity817 G.S.WPurpleCity817 G.S.WPrije 12 dana
  • Previously on Chris Smoove: "LeBroooon James." "LeGM." Looaaad Management." In today's episode: "LeCurry!"

    Kevin servHisKevin servHisPrije 12 dana
  • Jokic is having a MUCH better season than lebron

    verdibahnsenverdibahnsenPrije 12 dana
  • real 2K player.... >> perfect release animation... 😂

    tutu stutu sPrije 12 dana
  • Bruh!! Blocking pregnant man is illegal💀💀💀

    John paul DelloroJohn paul DelloroPrije 12 dana
  • Lebron is trash

    CristianCristianPrije 12 dana
  • Dudley out there playing with his PJs on or something.

    anima099anima099Prije 12 dana
  • 1:11 harden defense

    10 Adi Esguerra10 Adi EsguerraPrije 12 dana
  • and harden is gone lol

    Stomedy DrillStomedy DrillPrije 12 dana
  • Harden Got tradef after that 3

    Chu Chu Pickle PieChu Chu Pickle PiePrije 12 dana
  • Yo. WHat happen to hardens belly?

    IamNEROIamNEROPrije 12 dana
  • I've never seen Bron so happy

    LynchpinLynchpinPrije 12 dana
  • Embiid is definitely having a better season than Bron

    Jamar ThomasJamar ThomasPrije 12 dana
  • Brooklyn finally got the beard

    Turn Chiraq to ChicagoTurn Chiraq to ChicagoPrije 12 dana
  • The bench said “don’t leave me don’t leave me” 😭

    Jordan barrockJordan barrockPrije 12 dana
  • Year 18 people. Let’s not forget

    JPPSrulesJPPSrulesPrije 12 dana
  • Lebron is crazy man lol

    LiveWireRed B.LiveWireRed B.Prije 12 dana
  • The caucasian shaq outro still gets me man. "CAUCASIAN shaq" Chris tou should make some merch for caucasian shaq

  • Bro looking at the thumbnail I thought lebron got into a fight

    CripticCripticPrije 12 dana
  • I'm sorry but the fact that LeBron and the Lakers made Harden basically rage quit and go to the eastern conference is fucking hilarious. LMAO

    Bammy AdebutlerBammy AdebutlerPrije 12 dana
  • Harden just got traded to the nets

    Billo Diallo 2Billo Diallo 2Prije 12 dana
  • John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

    Jake TreeJake TreePrije 12 dana
  • LEBRON!!!

    Patrik MyersPatrik MyersPrije 12 dana
  • Gonna wake up with smoove saying BREAKING NEWSSSS!!!!!!welcome to Brooklyn James Harden 🤣🤣🤣

    josh pagadorjosh pagadorPrije 12 dana
  • James hardens last game on the rockets

    Ronak KRonak KPrije 12 dana

    Nicholas GillespieNicholas GillespiePrije 12 dana
  • Lmao Chris smoove not watching basketball. How the hell is he sleeping on Jokic? Jokic having a better season than Lebron. Easily. Don't forget about doncic too. Embiid is out there balling too. The point is that there are arguments to be made that Lebron is being outplayed by some of the league's best players.

    Craig FieldsCraig FieldsPrije 12 dana
    • @EverythingCounts the mavs have been without their second best player for the entire year. Didn't start with porzingis and luka has done more than make up for it. Period. Also Jokic is averaging a triple double and they have been without their starters michael porter jr and Gary harris. Jokic is literally playing out of his mind. Record doesn't dictate most valuable player when you take into account how a competitive a team would be without their star player. The Lakers would still be competitive without lebron. Do your research before you reply to something you don't know about. Mvp isn't just team record deep... It's more than that.

      Craig FieldsCraig FieldsPrije 12 dana
    • How can it be Luka or Jokic when their teams are hovering around a .500 record. Embiid is the only valid argument.

      EverythingCountsEverythingCountsPrije 12 dana
  • 0:49,Historical moment for dis Season.

    Cainin MiltonCainin MiltonPrije 12 dana
  • Embiid is going off

    Warrior KidzWarrior KidzPrije 12 dana
  • All I think is a Lakers repeat

    Ariel SaavedraAriel SaavedraPrije 12 dana
  • Lebrons turn around after the jumper was so cold.

    IBRAHIM AlowonleIBRAHIM AlowonlePrije 12 dana
  • They gone find a reason not to give it to him

    Ronnie BRonnie BPrije 12 dana
  • I started playing 2k too much 😂

    Elon muskElon muskPrije 12 dana
  • Curry for MVP

    Hassan QayyumHassan QayyumPrije 12 dana
  • God damn harden is so thiccc. Never gets old

    Ben KennedyBen KennedyPrije 12 dana
  • Harden suck I’m your stomach

    Flxx YTFlxx YTPrije 12 dana

    Anime para otakus con esquizofreniaAnime para otakus con esquizofreniaPrije 12 dana
  • LeGM

    TyJamarTyJamarPrije 12 dana
  • jayson tatum mvp!!!

    Ivan KanekoIvan KanekoPrije 12 dana

    Asaf WaxmanAsaf WaxmanPrije 12 dana
  • Harden isn’t playing well because he doesn’t want to be there.

    Joseph GarciaJoseph GarciaPrije 12 dana
  • bruh maybe ur team would be better if you stopped EATING your PLAYERS

    Dylan GoldsteinDylan GoldsteinPrije 12 dana
  • Bron don't leave me!

    Rex BannerRex BannerPrije 12 dana
  • Jokic

    Maddinuh -_- SPMaddinuh -_- SPPrije 12 dana
  • joel embiiid low key making a run at mvp

    Jackson MarrinerJackson MarrinerPrije 12 dana
  • lol harden looking soften

    mynameis bobmynameis bobPrije 12 dana
  • Zach Lavine

    AM.SK8AM.SK8Prije 12 dana
  • Embiid is having a better season then LeBron, wym bro 🤦🏾

    Thiago Guimaraes QueirozThiago Guimaraes QueirozPrije 12 dana
  • It's official Harden going to warriors

    Louis KimballLouis KimballPrije 12 dana
    • really official-> Nets

      Giannis Basketball FanGiannis Basketball FanPrije 12 dana
  • Perfect release animation😂😂

    Zone SantannaZone SantannaPrije 12 dana
  • KD MVP

    Jose ChavezJose ChavezPrije 12 dana
  • Boy James harden a bummm

    Marco ReginoMarco ReginoPrije 12 dana
  • Bradley beal

  • Lbron watch me work and hold my 3 james

    Toby CroxfordToby CroxfordPrije 12 dana
  • Harden hasn’t played his best cuz Di’antoni isn’t there to let him huck up 20+ shots

    Jack FarrisJack FarrisPrije 12 dana
  • So jokic don’t exist

    Hawt SauceHawt SaucePrije 12 dana
  • What about Bradley Beal

    Owen BradyOwen BradyPrije 12 dana
  • Rockets done for

    Fusion XFusion XPrije 12 dana
  • it’s crazy how harden blames his teammates but he’s the one playing bad🤦🏽‍♂️

    Josh FinesseJosh FinessePrije 12 dana
  • Curry can beat Lebron for mvp

    Blake KCBlake KCPrije 12 dana
  • Brooo, Harden so chubby

    Ricky SoeungRicky SoeungPrije 12 dana
  • Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown should be in the MVP convo as well as Gordon Hayward

    William CooleyWilliam CooleyPrije 12 dana
  • Harden really wants to go to the Nets.

    BJ50BJ50Prije 12 dana
  • Lebron is winning MVP

    Anthony DavisAnthony DavisPrije 12 dana
  • Curry actually didn't make up the no look three the first one to do it was Agent 0 aka Gilbert arenas

    King BGKing BGPrije 12 dana
  • These players just not giving af either

    Aviation.ExperienceAviation.ExperiencePrije 12 dana
  • Jason Tatum is up there for the MVP run.

    XxVader9876XxXxVader9876XxPrije 12 dana
  • Houston’s court is nice asf

    King PoshKing PoshPrije 12 dana
  • *Look at Lebron Man... So inspirational😱*

    H4VOCJDYTH4VOCJDYTPrije 12 dana
  • what bout curry for MVP? i think the warriors are back maybe 5th seed postseason results

    BaringkironBaringkironPrije 12 dana
  • James harden look so out of shape lol

    agentrockleeagentrockleePrije 12 dana
  • 1:16 I disagree with that

    Karan LiveforeverKaran LiveforeverPrije 12 dana
  • kd mvp

    Kian SidhuKian SidhuPrije 12 dana
  • I think luka

    J DIZZLEJ DIZZLEPrije 12 dana
  • Jokic bro he’s doing amazing

    viet leviet lePrije 12 dana
  • I think people are sleeping on Jokic, mostly because Denver is a .500 team right now.

    BDeLuca4444BDeLuca4444Prije 12 dana
  • Lebron MVP for sure

    Kason WilliamsKason WilliamsPrije 12 dana