I Turned My House Into A REAL Haunted Mansion! **SCARY**

20. Lis 2020.
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Okay this was actually so scary..
I turned my house into a haunted mansion and we had to go through the entire thing while doing scary challenges.. THINGS GOT CRAZY!
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**WARNING** This video contains flashing lights.
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  • You really don’t know what Redrum means it means bloody murder

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  • Who else loves the video with haunted houses

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  • Noha is the best camera man for going thru this

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  • Nope no thanks i would start swinging and punching at everyone i hate things that are scary

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  • 14:51 *yall messed up for this one* 🙌💯😂😂

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  • Don’t you know what they are Decorating

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  • Having Myers running around would be creepy

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  • U should have had a haunted house and let fans go in there

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  • If i was rug at the carnival part i wouldve threw a ball at the clown

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  • this is like among us but scaryer

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  • Appreciate? The cameraman ? Hahaha they know that's only a human hahaha so OA ( over act)

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  • We shouldn’t celebrate Halloween because it celebrates the devil

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  • Can we appreciate the fact that this may took HOURS or DAYS to set this up just for the sake of our entertainment? Like rug is such a good HRworldr that actually shows his hard work in his videos just for us 💞

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  • The girl clown was sofie dossi

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  • She did not crawl in carnival

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  • NOAR her scream sounds like a scary movie OMG she screams better then me LOL

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  • U could tell bout was gonna cry

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  • who else loved anthony's reactions and how easily he got scared

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  • Hi rug I am going to unsubscribe you because your one eye illumanit the 😈 is no good remember Jesus has given you everything for a reason do not misuse it ... The devil is a lie ... Only Jesus can save you Amen ❤️🙏

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  • Next time do it where they have health bars and some people attack them there should be 4-5 murderers ho have swords and knifes and stuff also do different tasks for everyone and make there be a weapon to kill the murderers so they don’t kill you and if you kill a murderer you get a flashlight or different tools to help you escape also they don’t know where the exit is

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  • I loved the part when faze rug went through it the most bc his face the whole entire time😂

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  • Yo noah your be the best person and rug Iraqi

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  • was it just me or did you guys here someone say spills at 13:55

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  • If I were inside I would just kill them or punch

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  • rug: “it’s just for $10,000 guys” me: “yea ONLY $10,000” 😭‼️.

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  • Noah walked into the house

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  • Noah is a real one to just be walking backwards then holding a camera and don’t know what is behind you rug you should do something really nice for him for all the haunted videos

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  • 12:06 Sherman said lemme dab my dowg real quick

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