I AM COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS. THIS ENDING.. | Little Nightmares 2 (Ending)

15. Vel 2021.
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Welcome back to the ending of Little Nightmares 2! This game has taken us on an epic journey and somehow it keeps getting more and more intense. This is an ending you will NOT want to miss.
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  • What of the most hated thing to happen and see before death? 29:32 Getting betrayed then the traitor walks smoothly away.

    Ameroddin MamangconiAmeroddin MamangconiPrije 57 minuta
  • six: im not me im someone else then drops him you: FAKE SIX WHY. (this was fake six six is dead. you killed her i think) also make a video where you collect the black stuff you will get the secret ending ;) thin man: he should've not killed me hes gonna get betrayed..

    CTinaSurfCTinaSurfPrije 2 sati
  • I got s theory maybe that first tall guy was also betrayed by six and she'll keep making more friends and betraying them at the end because she wants the building alive but doesn't want it to be her keeping it alive

    ThePheonix GamerThePheonix GamerPrije 3 sati
  • The man that is hanging in the maw little nightmares 1 is called the wax bellman and search Veronica tv song little night mares with lyrics on and the man is hanging from little nightmares 1 is not the tall man please pin me if you find this interesting 😊 also subscribed and notifications on

    SxraSxraPrije 3 sati
  • 24:03 I like your cut g

    Donovan Black CatDonovan Black CatPrije 4 sati
  • I was about to watch this when I got a little nightmares 2 ad, gg’s HRworld

    OneCloverily YTOneCloverily YTPrije 4 sati

    Jake ReillyJake ReillyPrije 4 sati
  • Mono is the thin man, thats why he grabbed 6 because of the betrayal

    Crazed GamingCrazed GamingPrije 4 sati
  • I don't want to use an excuse to explain why Six dropped Mono, but I think this reason might be it. Mono had been wearing a paper bag covering his head since the moment he met Six, so Six never got to see Mono's real face. At the final moment, when Six hold Mono's hands, she saw his face, and she realized that Mono was The Thin Man. Remember Six was captured by The Thin Man before? He had a hat only, so his face was partially covered but could be revealed to Six, and Six got a chance to see The Thin Man's face. Six was terrified about the truth that she was with the young Thin Man all the time. Also, since the whole place was going to collapse, Six didn't have too much time to think and to forgive Mono; even if Mono would be The Thin Man, Mono was just a kid who had warmheartedly been her companion and helping out throughout their journey. What's worse was Six didn't have time to realize that it was because of her betrayal that led to Mono's doom. Her action was the key to break this loop, but she was too scared, too shocked, and having no time to think about this twice. We could tell that Six is a revenge-typed girl. When she was free by Mono from Bullies, she strangled and broke one of them with her bare hands. The second time was using the same fire of burning The Doctor to warm her hands. I guess the last time was leaving Mono behind since she realized Mono was The Thin Man that captured her and made her a gigantic monster.

    Korinne DengKorinne DengPrije 5 sati
  • The end you see bag boi he is the thin man so the reason why the thin man was chasing you he was trying to save you from six the thin man is the bag boi and when six betrayed mono so mono is the thin man

    Fire blood chain saw FlamesFire blood chain saw FlamesPrije 5 sati
  • Six Betrayed You

    Nicolette DeonesNicolette DeonesPrije 5 sati
  • I believe that this whole thing is a loop, because mono was just trying to save himself so he could stop the loop and everything goes back to normal, but since he failed the loop continues and wont stop, the same things will continue so like I dont know if yall saw but the first game in the beginning the man who hung himself that was mono,also mono will never stop untill he ends this loop thats continuously happening. thats why he was after mono and not six because he was trying to save himself from the future and end the loop that will never end.😞

    azaria combsazaria combsPrije 5 sati
  • I hope there's a third game but that's unlikely :/

    Elijah RaeElijah RaePrije 8 sati
  • the door lock lick the door when six was cheap

    Rommell MalchanRommell MalchanPrije 8 sati
  • 9:15

    My name is NameMy name is NamePrije 9 sati
  • its very symbolic

    IntoTheTARDIS_01IntoTheTARDIS_01Prije 10 sati
  • The thin man was trying to save mono so mono won't end up just like the future mono (thin man)

    Andrei #1Andrei #1Prije 11 sati
  • The nightmares is a dream

    jonrhey lepanajonrhey lepanaPrije 12 sati
  • I know a theory a good one. Six let go of mono so she wouldnt do this back there. When six was tightly holding mono. You can remember that six has chronic hunger. She either let go to not eat mono or.. Because he didnt have a bag on six saw that mono was the tall man. That tortured her. These are just theories though. Hope your happy Ryan.

    RblxGotDunkedOn ALOTRblxGotDunkedOn ALOTPrije 13 sati
  • Joel ist mein Bruder aber der ärgert mich aber ich bin kein Freund müssen manchmal spielt er mit mir manchmal nicht essen kannst deinen Problemen werden die kamera zwickt mal weil Joel die Seite nicht soll man das sagen also kein Problem werden kannst du meinen Kommentar auf HRworld so gut machen Puuki

    Sven LindnerSven LindnerPrije 13 sati
  • XXL Großvater laubersheim head

    Sven LindnerSven LindnerPrije 13 sati
  • I know this is hella late, but then again i just wanna put down what i think happened to the ending because an animatic opened my eyes. The Thin Man had memories of Six' continous and neverending cycle of betrayal, he took Six, first introduction of thin man, away by grabbing her outside of the telly scene. Then proceeded to turn Six into a monster for Mono the Thin man's past self to get scared off or as a warning, and an indication that Six is really is a monster. Mono on the other hand have no recollection whatsoever that's why he keeps on repeating on saving his friend thinking that the Thin Man was the bad guy when it only wants to save him and himself from the never ending cycle of betrayal and a damned time loop.

    ItsYoMAMA EARTHItsYoMAMA EARTHPrije 14 sati
  • maybe thats why he wants mono dead, if mono dies, so does he, he will no longer suffer, after all the tall man is mono...

    Its_me_GEORGE_ idkIts_me_GEORGE_ idkPrije 15 sati
  • So basicly the tall man is known as Thin Man and he is Mono himself and the room he sits in thers pink light which shows love for Six From Mono and the silver fog shows sadness,anger and dissapoiment Mono was trying to save his past self from getting betrayed by Six and Thin man turns Six into Monster to show his past self Six's true identity I hope this clears any confusion

    LionLionPrije 15 sati
  • to explain everything watch the video by superhorror bro and skip to the end because i explained the whole thing in coryxkenshons video and it took me 40 mins to do so just watch superhorrorbro.

    Metro ShadeMetro ShadePrije 15 sati
  • I died laughing when he said “ dang he got got yeeted out of existence dang” the way mono looked when that happened😂😂😂

    Vczfy :DVczfy :DPrije 16 sati
  • I cryed

    Jermaine X GivanieJermaine X GivaniePrije 16 sati
  • This game gave me trust issues

    MuppetMuppetPrije 16 sati
  • 00:06 Ayyub mono

    Pro gamer UltimatePro gamer UltimatePrije 17 sati
  • Little nightmares 2 mono save the another little nightmare n next mono try too save six but six is bad

    pak mahapak mahaPrije 19 sati
  • There is 3 little nightmares mono n six n ????

    pak mahapak mahaPrije 19 sati
  • There is more chapter chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 3 is secret ending

    pak mahapak mahaPrije 19 sati
  • I saw dantdm do this

    Ethan RahalEthan RahalPrije 19 sati
  • Did 6 steal part of mono's powers because only mono and thin man can go through tvs and they were the same person but we see the only escape was that tv gateway thing that only mono/thin man can go through plus it would maybe explain why mono losses to his past self

    E. ContentE. ContentPrije 21 sat
  • That is not trying to kill money he's trying to save himand he's doing a stop signal that means it's too late he's dead in his now going to turn into the new film on this is white 6 xtrade monomono brought the only thing she loved her music box when the music box is broken at the final head it's the shape of where the lady live that and six is attached to itwhen we first men 6 reata break down the door and take away from a safe spot and away from your music box and that's the same thing we broke the door but instead bringing your away from her safe spot in destroy her music box this explains everything about little nightmares

    Hensey BirbinHensey BirbinPrije 22 sati
  • 22:16 Ryan: "I'm gonna need that hammer real quick." Me: "Sir that's an axe." Edit: Ryan did say it is an axe at 24:31 but i still laughed and got confused lol

    Tristen TorresTristen TorresPrije 22 sati
  • You are the tall man and six let go because she saw his face because you weren’t wearing a hat or anything

    Makayla GarciaMakayla GarciaPrije 22 sati
  • " we took his place " Me and young Mono : *Soviet theme song*

    Ambriel's Global RangeAmbriel's Global RangePrije 22 sati
  • Six: Long Live the king

    FanFanPrije 22 sati
  • If you teallly think about the ending I think it’s a time loop and the resin why slender man took six is cause he thoght he could save baggy from 6 but when he saw he couldent win he hypnotized six so she would drop baggy so he would be made again and he could try all over again

    Benjamin ThomasBenjamin ThomasPrije 22 sati
  • no you became him

    rowen weltchrowen weltchPrije 23 sati
  • the whole game is just a endless loop, you go on an adventure, six gets kidnaped by the tall man, we kill the tall man, we save her, she betrays us, and then we turn into the tall man, then the whole thing starts over for eternity.

    sirenplays 21sirenplays 21Prije 23 sati
  • I think Mono's sequence takes place before she her sequence which is the first little nightmares. I say that because the ending of this sequence with Mono, she was hungry at the end when she got phased out of the TV. When Mono first found Sasha she was playing a music box. Remember how in the first little nightmares, the Chef, and the long business guy (I forgot his name if he even had one) were both distorted. The long business guy had long legs and arms which the slenderman guy did too because of the Signal tower. The teacher in that school has been in some time of warp with the signal tower I believe because of her long neck which has been distorted. When they make it to the city, they find Sasha's OG yellow raincoat. Back to the first little nightmares, she wears that same yellow raincoat as when she did in this Mono sequence. You remember the "patients" from the hospital? What if they were once citizens from the city that were once seeking some form of surgery but got turned into something else. The doctor removed basically everything from their bodies and made them into mannequins. When cory flashed his flashlight at the mannequins they freeze...why though? I say it's because it reminds them of when they were human and the surgical trauma they endured. The glitching remains Mono can consume as if they were one. The glitches might be the remaining echoes of the lost souls after their true bodies have been taken. They are frozen in time by the signal tower. Now remember the electric chair and the drawing from the doctor to the patients? Maybe the doctor is frying their brains while they stare into the drawing linked to the signal tower. In other words the doctor executes his patients and harnesses their glitching remains to then channel into their reconfigured bodies. I think Sasha's yellow raincoat was in the middle of the city already because she tried to escape and did escape successfully but got caught my slenderman again so she got distorted into that long legged and long armed creature and was forced into playing her music box because that box was the key into turning her back but she had no choice but to keep playing with it. Mono and slenderman can both transmission between the world within the TV screen and our own reality. Peep after slenderman caught Sasha, her glitched remain was still there just like the other lost souls from before them. After her glitched remain, it also left a distant echo just like when Cory would make Mono hey to Sasha she would make a distant echoed scream. Slenderman is responsible for these "glitched remains". After Mono smashed the music box, the Signal Tower began showing its true form which is flesh from those citizens that were consumed from slenderman. Sasha must guard the music box as if she was brainwashed and her past memory of her music box from when she was playing with it in the hunters cabin, her memories are being used against her. It then returns Sasha into her formal self. The same eye that is on the Signal Tower was also spotted in the school on that map which was in the chess room. The eye logo was basically everywhere which seemed like they were saying "We're always watching". Sasha held onto Mono's hand because she was draining power from him because she couldn't travel through TV screens like Mono could because she was pretty much powerless. Now for the ending Cory did. Sasha obtained Mono's power and grew a split her which was the glitch. In other words there was 2 of her and that one of her stayed there but her true self was hungry and thats when she started going crazy with the food. Sorry if this theory sucks 😅😅.

    DBZenkaiDBZenkaiPrije dan
  • six lets go of hand: me COME ON SI- ............................ ... ... ... FU*(#&$

  • Theory: I think six dropped Mono she saved him from herself since I saw the secret ending to little nightmare 2 when she came out she was hungry, so she was going to eat him.

    DeguoleDeguolePrije dan
  • Six letted u fall cuze she was gonna get hungry and she eats anything she sees

    yousef khaledyousef khaledPrije dan
  • Game is depressing. No one wins🤣 that's how the demon want's even if you play everything and win but in the end he'll trick you and still owns you🤣

    Last shelter3Last shelter3Prije dan
  • :0

    Carmen YatesCarmen YatesPrije dan
  • Holly holly holly she or he is mad!

    Carmen YatesCarmen YatesPrije dan
  • Call man is the hanging guy you saw in nightmare one little nightmare one

    Kobe WilliamsKobe WilliamsPrije dan
  • There is a DLC to little nightmares 1 if you didn’t know , you’ll find out where the gnomes come from and how they became like that, and there is a very little nightmares mobile game, witch if you look closely you can learn a little about the teacher.

  • It makes sense...Six became the Geisha in Little Nightmares, and Mono became the Tall Man. So i think this is a prequel as Six doesn't show any of the powers she gained at the end of the first game. You were little, and you BECAME the nightmares.

    lavender_bamagirl89lavender_bamagirl89Prije dan
  • Theory: when Mono goes into the TV, this is him trying to accessing his memories where he’ll see the tall man. Six pulls his out to stop him finding his memories and realising that he was betrayed and became the tall man. As then he wouldn’t help six escape the nightmare. Might be a stretch but hey ho 😂

    Drunken PigeonDrunken PigeonPrije dan
    • But Six saw a resemblance between them. And so Six took his power and left, as Six witnessed the fight between Tall mono and younger mono, and thought mono could destroy Six. But taking monos powers, Six was able to defeat the lady in LN1, but because of that her soul left her and she had the hunger.

      Haider daarHaider daarPrije 17 sati
    • Actually... Mono is the future tall man. Its all a loop. Tall man, aka Tall mono, tricks past mono to open the door to release him into the real world to get revenge on Six. If Six didnt let go of Mono, the story wouldve ended.

      Haider daarHaider daarPrije 17 sati
  • 28:16 The Wall of Flesh in a nutshell

    GamingAnimatorsGamingAnimatorsPrije dan
  • YOU ARE HIM AND ITA GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN SHE Betray you so that’s why he try to catch her but he failed so it’s gonna happen over and over again until the Tallman catches six, dame this hits hard

    Chilly FutureChilly FuturePrije dan
  • how do you not know that music

    Jack TobreyJack TobreyPrije dan
  • Bad Ending why😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Nima HakimiNima HakimiPrije dan
  • did mono commit suicide in LN1, where there is a dead body hanging himself and a chair, the door is also exactly the same as the one in LN2...

    That's IllegalThat's IllegalPrije dan
  • Let me explain. Six's kindness was a music box so when you broke it six betrays you so six is not a bad person but when you broke it six felt no kindness for mono so six betrays you

    1337 phone1337 phonePrije dan
  • what happened six?

    Janna NenonenJanna NenonenPrije dan
  • i feel so extremely depressed & sad after watching this idk man🤣my emotions seems like connected with the game who else feel that? poor Mono..😢

    SweetSatan❻❻❻SweetSatan❻❻❻Prije dan
  • I'm getting mob of the dead vibes because this is a whole cycle

    l Detour ll Detour lPrije dan
  • Well in the Comics Six was brought to the Maw by the Ferryman

    xXAssassinXxxXAssassinXxPrije dan
    • @Jessy yes there is

      xXAssassinXxxXAssassinXxPrije dan
    • It has a comic?

      JessyJessyPrije dan
  • Theory : Remember, Six is ​​sadistic. Example: When Six has been kidnapped by students in the school, the first thing she will do when she sees one is hit her head on the ground to kill him. Before entering the school, Six and Mono climb through a window using a thrown sheet, it is assumed that one of the students escaped and was surely how Mono and Six: on their side. In one of the lockers of the school we see a drawing of the tower hung up and two dead rats. We suppose then that Six can be? Would've been there ... Remember, Six is ​​Cannibal, you'll notice that in Little Nightmare 1 when she eats the Lady, the Gnome, and the Rat. So of course, we find why Six betrayed Mono. Because she's a Cannibal ... And she didn't want to take the risk of continuing the adventure with Mono, for fear of devouring him. Six hungry and she can't help it. She lets her hunger take over after Mono's fall, we notice it in the secret ending ...

    Aurel le FlockAurel le FlockPrije dan
    • It is the hunter who manufactures and delivers the parts of the mannequins to the Doctor whom he will use to bring them to life. Note: It is the doctor who creates the masks of the antagonists: like that of the janitor in Little Nightmare 1 or that of the chef.

      Aurel le FlockAurel le FlockPrije dan
    • The distortion of antagonists, like the janitor's long arms in Little Nightmare 1, or the doctor walking on the ceiling or the teacher having a retractable neck. They have these deformations because of the waves that the tower causes. Note: the teacher always has her eyes open, she never blinks. As if she always had to keep an eye on the children :)

      Aurel le FlockAurel le FlockPrije dan
  • 6:25 that’s what she said

    ReeDubDannyReeDubDannyPrije dan
  • Idc who this tall guys name is. Im calling him The Broadcaster

    TheLeGeNDTheLeGeNDPrije dan
  • 33:17 HOLY WASNT YOUNG MONO GOING THERE in one of the theories if young mono opened that he could’ve Been saved by old mono aka the thin man himself But six pulled him out which caused young mono to get betrayed Thin man aka old mono was trying to save young mono

    I QuitI QuitPrije dan
  • you can see him

    an epic gameran epic gamerPrije dan
  • huh i just rewatched little nighmares 1 secrets of the maw ending and you see the thin man in the tv can somone pls explain?

    an epic gameran epic gamerPrije dan
  • Anybody else notice, the music box in the first game played this games theme, then, the music box in this game plays the first games theme

    Era_The_Gamer ωαfflєѕEra_The_Gamer ωαfflєѕPrije dan
  • You didn’t take his place, it’s a time loop you become him , he was your future self the whole time

    Dirty DanDirty DanPrije dan
  • I am literally sobbing cuz I feel bad for mono and I also feel bad for six and it hurts cuz all mono wanted was the break the loop and wanting six to save him but she didn’t but I don’t blame six for anything because I got a lot of reasons,and I ma just go cry🥲 goodbye.

    Angela YangAngela YangPrije dan
  • Because you break her music she let go the hand so that happens

    Xiowei SerXiowei SerPrije dan
  • Mono is the thinman and young mono realeas his older self

    ACE CaronanACE CaronanPrije dan
  • Niche hair xD i'm new

    Samurai DomiSamurai DomiPrije dan
  • Six might help mono by grabbing his hand the fore loop and this time she realizes what have to do break the loop?

    SpongySpongyPrije dan
  • He can teleport but not in far places

    Lorenz Dominic FloresLorenz Dominic FloresPrije dan
  • Six would never do that what if there's more evil in her

    Jean BozemanJean BozemanPrije dan
  • mono

    Jean BozemanJean BozemanPrije dan
  • I just don't get it I don't know why did six betrayed mono 🤯😱😫😨😓😭

    Jean BozemanJean BozemanPrije dan
  • 27:02 oof

  • Ryan Be Like - Alright Lets BEAT this game Me - Yeah Trust me Buddy You Won't even if you make it to the ending lol

    GoldenTintGoldenTintPrije dan
  • The fact you've got that much emotion towards the final fight tells me how great this game impacts all of us! it's an incredible game!

  • If you get all the secrets then you get the extra ending

    Ryan2GamerRyan2GamerPrije dan
  • No you are the tall man the whole time you were trying to protect yourself from 6s betrayal Trying to protect your younger self

    Ryan2GamerRyan2GamerPrije dan
  • Six: *catches Mono* *Mono who has sweaty palms*: .___. Six: . . . disgusting. . . .

    LolbitgothackzLolbitgothackzPrije dan
    • Long live the king

      K JK JPrije 9 sati
  • 21:02 when your mom hears that you got in trouble in school from a voicemail

  • he slap him🤣🤣🤣

    Salmiah Muhammadyyhuyuuuhujjbyghbvgug4u565t7Salmiah Muhammadyyhuyuuuhujjbyghbvgug4u565t7Prije dan
  • in the first game there was a tall man hanging

    Sara Beatriz CabreraSara Beatriz CabreraPrije 2 dana
  • that there was not six that was shadow six

  • YESS

    GogyMuffinGogyMuffinPrije 2 dana
  • The final boss is literally a ended man on a buissness trip

    quin4480 quin4480quin4480 quin4480Prije 2 dana
  • took his place no it's our place

    Manoi StudiosManoi StudiosPrije 2 dana
  • You guys do know LN1 is a sequel to this game so this happens before six goes to sea

    Zone.Rl.Zone.Rl.Prije 2 dana
  • The music hits different

    Angelo BAngelo BPrije 2 dana
  • What did I learn?... *Always run ahead of my friends in case they want to toss me off a cliff*

    Golden Grape DudeGolden Grape DudePrije 2 dana
  • Ryan being chased: OMG! Run, run, RUN!! He is right behind us!! Ryan once he is in safety: Haha, you sucker! He's a moron. Lol, I love it!!😂

    Legolas3957Legolas3957Prije 2 dana
  • holy crap she was super mad I HATE HER FOR SHE LEAVE KID ALONE

    Ilie VrabieIlie VrabiePrije 2 dana
  • ⚠️spoilers!!⚠️ (not really just my theory) This isn’t true but I think this: I think six dropped you off the cliff because she was using you to escape, think about it. There were a whole bunch of dead kids in the school and at the hunters place, and other places. Those are probably the kids she tried to escape with but failed so she used mono to escape.

    kochii !kochii !Prije 2 dana
    • @Bombird 88 guess you have a point..since her hunger hit badder and badder

      kochii !kochii !Prije 20 sati
    • No I don’t think so because the fact that she even reached out for him or held on as long as she did shows she cared for him, and clearly they did form a bond throughout the game. If you saw the secret ending it shows six has a dark side that triggers her hunger from the first game. So I think she dropped mono because she wanted to give him a mercy death because she felt her dark side triggering and she didn’t want to eat him alive... but turns out she gave him a fate worse than death

      Bombird 88Bombird 88Prije 20 sati
  • mono is the thin man trying to break the timeloop by seperating six and him in younger years. he never kills mono, he just looks at him. while six was catchin mono, she was close to his face the first time without a mask or hat and sees similarities between mono and his older ego. remember the thin man killed or took six soul (the fragments are all remainings of dead souls left after the thin man grabbed them) so she took revenge or stops the friendship for that. that was all the time known by the thin man (what will happen) - thats why its a loop. it ends up for him in that room - waiting to get released again after ages. Thats what we did when we first time met him. Same room, we are opening the doop which closes in the outro, the true tragic is the fact that both cannot escape, six is dead when she left the void (thats where part 1 starts) so Remember there, she got hungry and ate even dead cadavers to survive. this acting is all over the game, but just on the voids side (janitor, chefs, guests... they are always eating because without a soul, you search for something else to fill your emptiness, huh??)

    dud0rdud0rPrije 2 dana