Find the Gummy Bear in Jelly Bean Pool - $10,000 Challenge

10. Stu 2020.
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I filled a swimming pool with millions of jelly beans and put 1 gummy bear in it. First to find it wins $10,000!
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    • Hey woooooooow that Sherman was saying I don’t want I feel like he wants it

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    • Fr been subbed for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But much love wish wish wish.

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  • .,.fwfff

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  • To see that woman flinch to what sherm did was not a good sign at all. Someone watch over that girls back.

    Arlen MythArlen MythPrije 2 sati
  • I’m a pro at simon

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  • does it trigger anyone else that they did not eat any jelly beans from the pool 😂

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  • I tried the nasty 🤢 🤮 😷 beans when I was 8 years old AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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  • What is up guys you guys should like me nothings wrong he’s so ugly he looks like a panda his hair looks ugly

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  • How the fuck does junior have kids!

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  • Brawadis a simp

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  • She always win

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  • i cant be in your challange because I live in edmonton

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  • fun sure

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  • its ws sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny win junior said he hat to kids call junior and junior junior

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  • What can we do for the giveaway?

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  • 15:45 I’m dead when junior said his kids names

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  • U should do find the dad in the grocery store next 🤣 Btw not being toxic just for the memes not tryna be mean to anyone

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  • sounds like MrBeast

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  • I did

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  • 12:24 I'm actually a lefty too😂😂😂

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  • On the last video where you traded a penny to an iPhone 12 who won the iPhone 12

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  • My name is not rana because this is my mom's phone

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  • Faze i fr remember it 😂

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  • Rug do m&m’s and put one skittle

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  • What’s up guys I’m Sherman and I’m colorblind but I will win😂😂 i can imagine him saying that

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  • If i tried to do this ima eat all this until i find the odd candy

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  • I think 130,000 jelly beans

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  • Sherman look like a shit!

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  • What is "Carls Jr"???

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  • More like Sherman the Virgan

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  • Such a good video 😍❤️💕💕 rug really enjoy your make my day everyday

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  • Faze uppppppppp

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  • Fun fact: he had the exact same likes as how many jelly beans there are in the pool

    HayoriHayoriPrije 4 dana

      Anit PatelAnit PatelPrije 3 dana
  • When you said “ and this is five hundred jars of jellybeans!” You sooooo copied off the tone of voice mr beast does. >:(

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  • I want to win a giveaway I want an iPhone 12 or a ps5 my snap is abrahamherr3439 I would really want to win I never owned a console in my life only a wii I have a phone but it’s my moms well it used to I am subscribed and that notification on

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  • Do they eat the candy they better

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  • I m colecting mony for my fathers home can you plz help me

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  • i got a question for ya what did the extra jelly beans do cuz that is wasting alot of food

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  • yo i swear when it was kaylen i fell like she got more time

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  • Find 1 jellybean in pool of gummy bears

    World Of Arm HustlingWorld Of Arm HustlingPrije 5 dana
  • lowkey though I was watching a MrBeast video bc of da into

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  • Faze rug I challenge you to come to six flags over Georgia and do the most bumpy ride there is which ik which one that is it's called the american scream machine I'll compete but idk if u want to do a 10,000 challenge but this thing sucks and maybe bring tanner fox if you see this cause I want to meet him and you if you see this hmu at Andrewthebest01 on instagram or snapchat is YoYungSAVAGE and maybe we can work something out to go do that

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  • Let's see who are the real Rug Rats Who won?

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  • Drama island

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  • Bro is faze kay your sibling

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  • I remember 5 years ago

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  • Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful I’m struggling to get 1k.

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  • Haha he’s trying to copy mrbeast

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  • Him in the jelly beans meanwhile me stuffing my face in the pool of jellybeans and eating them

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  • I was here whe. He started

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  • Hay rug if you see this do find the bottle cap in the sweetarts

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  • I felt a bit bad for rug when Anthony said “GET YOUR PAWS OUT” 😂😢

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  • I’m doing a all nighter and you keep me amused

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  • He should have done first one to find a tic tac in the pool of jelly beans wins 10,000 dollars. That would have been so. Hard.

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  • I remember that video when you did a jellybean challenge

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  • I have a question , how do the guys who made those punishment candies , like how do they know how stinky sock, n bug taste like🤣

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  • FAZE DO A COLAB WITH MR.BEAST and make the challenge last to findhershey in a pool of other choclates.

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  • Faze!!! Next time you do a video with candy please check out @candymeup for the candy 🥺🙏🏽 love your videos!!

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  • I love faze rug can’t wait to see his cousin’s giving him presents

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  • last to find out the 10 dollar bill. you fill the pool with 1 dollar bills and put in it 1 of the 10 dollar bill

  • can u get on my zoom

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  • Did anyone notice that in the intros for each contestant 2 of them lifted the gummy bear up without noticing lol

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  • Happy birth day rug

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  • “Junior junior” “Junior junior junior”.

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  • At 14:59 Anthony became a poet

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  • They could have just ate all the jelly beans

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  • So less lol lol!

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  • Tjtyj

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  • Faze for the win!!

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  • I guess ima real one I started watching u un 2015

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  • I remember

    Lisa BennionLisa BennionPrije 8 dana
  • I remember

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  • carter sharer vs faza rug

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  • Hi

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  • I have been a subed for like when you had 500.000 to 800.000 subs

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  • Name 10 rappers Eminem 1 duhh

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  • bruh brandon deadass broke the door 😭

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  • Eyyyyy yooooo I really want the ps5

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  • 8:23 u could’ve at least said cheerios 😂

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  • Those jelly beans where disgusting

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  • who doesnt remeber the jelly bean vids

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  • A single jellybean weighs about 1.10 grams and each container he bought is 4lbs on jellybeans which equates to 1814 jellybeans per container so he got 500 of them and that's only 907,000 jellybeans. Not millions :( big sadge

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  • Hey Faze Rug im trying to win one of your giveaways like im trying to win the phone or the cash giveaway my first phone that i have rn its an iphone 6 im trying to get an upgrade because my phone is really messed up my storage is low and my phone dies qucik, i have been waiting a couple of years to get an upgrade but i have to wait tho since i don't have the money to buy one hopefully you are reading this i have never ever had one a giveaway before hopefully this is my chance to win one of your giveaways to show that i care i would try and comment on every video to show proof that i wanna win and do what i am told to do just to win one of your giveaways hopefully and i am very thankful for you having a yt channel you and your brother and every one of your family is amazing i love you guys i will be sending you a dm on instagram as well to try and get notice hopefully thanks hope i get the chance you amaze me and inspired me for the past couple of years thank you sincerely daisy (luvv_.brazy)

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  • ive had dirty dish water before on acidint cuss i thote it was just watter my broter pranked me

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  • Rug is watching to much 2016 vids

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  • Happy birthday BRIAN or FAZE RUG

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  • Ryan is the most positive and loving guy , funny definitely we need this in this difficult time we in 🙏🏽💙😇

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  • I do remember

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  • Do you have a gf

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