Dream Realizing That TommyInnit Left His Exile In a Nutshell.... (Technoblade)

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*This is a meme/parody and not an original clip of the movie*
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"Spider-Man (2002) Green Goblin Proposal "

  • Am I right? The stream: hrworld.info/home/video/pbuZrbp7rZeTZsw.html

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  • Spider ham

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  • Spider pig spider pig does whatever spider pig does can he string from a web no he can't he's a pig spider pig!!! Spider pig

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  • Breaking news: Child gets threatened by Florida Man while mutant pig asks for Florida Man to call in his favor

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  • “Don’t ask questions tommy, the adults are speaking” the greatest quote of all time

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  • "well thats gonna be a bit of a problem dream" **spiderman vwoops down from the celing**

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  • this video made me actually laugh

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  • 00:28....... No one: Actually no one: Not a soul: Me: *techno tape*i love it*

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  • Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham, friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham. Spins a web, that's the gig. Kinda weird 'cause he's a pig.

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  • “The adults are talking” I think techno just saw infinity war before streaming

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    • If yall don’t remember there is a part when stark tells peter the adults are talking when stark was speaking with doctor strange

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  • This is my favourite video on the platform at the moment because its so tru and so epic at the same time

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  • As soon as the blade said don’t ask questions, I went to the next video and tommy said I like asking questions...

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