David Dobrik's friends SPEAK OUT against him...

7. Tra 2021.
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This video is about David Dobrik, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Haley Pham and more! Enjoy :)
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  • aaaa engagement aaaa

    Maya RifaeMaya RifaePrije 8 sati
  • I love how concise and informative your videos are! New sub

    Tori MouradianTori MouradianPrije 11 sati
  • Omg not me getting a Nikita unfiltered ad on this

    Chelsea NunezChelsea NunezPrije 13 sati
  • Definitely commenting for engagement. My wretched phone died while I was out and needed it lol.

    Pixie LawrencePixie LawrencePrije dan
  • I feel like I really try to like some of these popular you tubers but I just don’t like some aren’t for me

    Nicole VictoriaNicole VictoriaPrije dan
  • This is all so millennial.

    Oh no u didn'tOh no u didn'tPrije dan
  • I never got the hype over David

    Alexandria McAlpineAlexandria McAlpinePrije dan
  • anyone having a proper wedding ceremony during this pandemic is just selfish. “they were just really excited about it” oh wow, OF COURSE that is more important than the health of everyone around you!! /s they knew it’d get out and knew they’d have to “apologize” and it’d be all over. they’re not dumb, they’re egoistic

    m&mm&mPrije dan
  • Great they're donating, but it's like throwing money at the problem, and missing the point!

    cory raycory rayPrije dan
  • Morphe suspended sales of collab with JC while the case develops.

    nickey rodericknickey roderickPrije dan
  • Purity culture is so disgusting I am beyond angry about Haley shaming girls for not waiting for marriage and having a wedding in the pandemic so they could do the deed.

    Skinny MarmaladeSkinny MarmaladePrije dan
  • I had to push my wedding until next year, because of covid. Yeah it sucks but I’m not putting people at risk for my own enjoyment

    EmilyyEmilyyPrije dan
  • It's a huge mystery to me how all these people are even connected.

    R83145R83145Prije dan
  • please stop the threats, as a long time sub it makes me rather wanna unsub everytime D:

    beakybeakyPrije dan

    Amparo B.Amparo B.Prije dan
  • Ok here's my two cents on Haley and Ryan: yes they shouldn't have had the wedding but also they were only inviting a few people that were nearest and dearest to them. On top of that, there are hella covid parties with hundreds of people and many minors hosted by tiktokers and beauty gurus. In the grand scheme of events that have taken place in covid, they haven't even gone abroad lols many other influencers have. I feel like it could have been worse.

    SaraSaraPrije dan
  • David is chutiya

    Pramod KumarPramod KumarPrije dan
  • Ok here's my two cents on Haley and Ryan: yes they shouldn't have had the wedding but also they were only inviting a few people that were nearest and dearest to them. On top of that, there are hella covid parties with hundreds of people and many minors hosted by tiktokers and beauty gurus. In the grand scheme of events that have taken place in covid, they haven't even gone abroad lols many other influencers have. I feel like it could have been worse.

    SaraSaraPrije dan
  • Ra***pe is not “tea” so would be good if you didn’t call it or any informations surrounding it that.. it makes it sound like you are not treating it as the serious topic it is.

    KasiaKasiaPrije dan
  • Get a life

    swapnil bhiseswapnil bhisePrije 2 dana
  • I always comment the same thing XD but here we go again I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP!

    AmaAmaPrije 2 dana
  • My biggest flex is that I’ve never been into Shane David Trisha or James

    Victoria TaylorVictoria TaylorPrije 2 dana
  • Lmao... This is just “social media” even if they cancel them on Instagram...they are close in real life So no worries...This social media thing is all fake ngl

    IceSwallow ComeIceSwallow ComePrije 2 dana
  • 1. ACE Family has a huge fandom that supports do you know how much they could help organizations, donate to people who need, etc instead of pocketing their money themselves ???? I’m just shocked how greedy they can be.

    jaebdiorjaebdiorPrije 2 dana
  • I feel threatened so I'm commenting for good luck

    MoonlightKingdomMoonlightKingdomPrije 2 dana
  • The eyes on this girl is amazingg

    hed corphed corpPrije 2 dana
  • this mask bullsh*t has gone too far. ENOUGH. you were lied to, take the L. Your human, God-given immune system never stopped existing, you were gaslit into believing that a piece of bacteria-covered cloth protects you from some illusive virus.. a virus that only infects you if youre breaking the arbitrary rules. a virus that doesn't attack if youre eating at your table, but will infect you if you get up to go to the bathroom without putting on a mask. Its insanity. LET IT GO, your mask is a LIE.

    TragiComedy DivineTragiComedy DivinePrije 2 dana
  • What we’re not gonna do is call Bryce Hall a child because of his decisions he is a grown ass clown of a man

    Xavier TorresXavier TorresPrije 2 dana
  • Commenting for engagement because I don't want my phone to die when I leave the house 🤣💖

    Steph MontgomerySteph MontgomeryPrije 2 dana
  • Okay I’m ngl I really used to watch every one of your videos and I know you’re reporting but it’s so nit picky now like the peoples wedding like so what if they got married and didn’t want to tell their followers like it’s nothing a big deal Yano, i dunno I just feel not inclined to watch anymore because everyone’s so nit picky but not reporting on actual uk HRworld matters which have happened which are more importance. I don’t really hate or care I’m just mentioning x

    Sophie CookeSophie CookePrije 2 dana
    • Clarifying i still love your videos and will like all of them but I wish your content was on less petty things x

      Sophie CookeSophie CookePrije 2 dana
  • Also she FUCKING KNOWS she is his assistant unless she is really, really shitty at her job she knows what he is posting. No matter where she was on the totem pole she at least KNEW this happened. I am disgusted by Natalie. If you’ve been around toxic, manipulative people- it is SO obvious she is one. I worked it theatre so I practically majored in dealing with manipulative people😊😊😊

    Krissy BurkeKrissy BurkePrije 2 dana
  • 💕💕

    Isabella AdameIsabella AdamePrije 2 dana
  • 😳 😬 😐 Yikes

    Risa GriffithRisa GriffithPrije 2 dana
  • I hated that threat... because it happened to me this morning, so I liked the video.

    BABYBBUNNY isaacBABYBBUNNY isaacPrije 2 dana
  • Engagement ❤️

    Luca OláhLuca OláhPrije 2 dana
  • Is it part of the application to be a drama tuber that you have to look like a clown? This chic, hat one dude with white triangles under his eyes, the cartoon chic.their makeup is always 3-4x what it should be

    Michael NealMichael NealPrije 2 dana
  • I love you but it feels like this whole video just resembled all of *Spill Sesh’s* posts

    TheMunchkin61TheMunchkin61Prije 2 dana
  • How can you demand for someone to quit their job, do you have another one lined up for them?

    SophieSophiePrije 2 dana
  • Are people still on david dobrik. It's kinda boring now that we all know what happened to him lol

    woodcyrilwoodcyrilPrije 2 dana
  • I’m just waiting on frenemies to talk about this

    Alexis HolmesAlexis HolmesPrije 2 dana
  • These people are apologizing for some terrible things. These acts show their true character and people like that should not be as famous as they were. We vote with our views and our likes, so lets vote for change and uplift people who's character's inspire a bright and happy future for everyone, and that doesn't inspire a future where humour has to put someone down.

    Lindy ThomasLindy ThomasPrije 2 dana
  • Can you cover the Jedward stuff and Simon Cowel!? Love your content!! X

    Abigail R WilliamsAbigail R WilliamsPrije 2 dana
  • Personally, i always found David Dobrik to be kind of a prick. I really hope he will come to his senses. Perhaps it will do him good, to loose sponsors (still hill have made more many in his young age then most make in their entire life) and get a new perspective on life.

    Günther KühlschranktürGünther KühlschranktürPrije 2 dana
  • Keemstar is just annoying at this point..

    neuro_chemicalneuro_chemicalPrije 2 dana
  • It puts a bad taste in my mouth when keemstar (& others) bring up the minors that have dealt with the disgusting behavior of some of these influencers to further prove “who’s the most problematic” they don’t care abt the victim they just wanna shift the blame

    LLPrije 2 dana
  • I hate when people say "oh this person made you famous so you dropping them is not okay" like if a friend of yours got you set up with a job that you love and then did shitty things, that doesn't mean your indebted to them.

    Vortex WritingVortex WritingPrije 2 dana
  • i like u

    Juju BarryJuju BarryPrije 2 dana
  • This is old news now bro wtf

    hated,but, ratedhated,but, ratedPrije 2 dana
  • hi bae

    Jamie WalterJamie WalterPrije 2 dana
  • Hey Angelika, great vids, can you perhaps put them into playlists in your channel?

    Maryam 0Maryam 0Prije 2 dana
  • 🖤🙌🏻✨

    Kelsey on the InternetKelsey on the InternetPrije 2 dana
  • More like they wanted the wedding but not the marriage. 🤣

    Alyssa MyersAlyssa MyersPrije 2 dana
  • But Nikita problematic behaviour recently but why drag Trisha past

    tiana molalatiana molalaPrije 2 dana
  • commenting for ✨engagement✨

    Jordynn FieldsJordynn FieldsPrije 2 dana
  • Commenting for the algor!thm

    Abigail PearceAbigail PearcePrije 2 dana
  • I was thirsty and Angelika brought me tea 💖

    Lina P.Lina P.Prije 2 dana
  • commenting for engagement bb 💛

    Emily TunkelEmily TunkelPrije 2 dana
  • I’m watching this getting ready absolutely draining my phone battery watching this I literally grabbed my charger lmfao

    Alaya MarieAlaya MariePrije 2 dana
  • 5:10 No ones been doing that, everyones putting it off Understand freedom, every single person there wanted to be there out of CHOICE because we have the right of travel, association, body autonomy y'aknow, our verbatim rights x) You dont wanna get sick? You stay at home

    Ashyo SingsAshyo SingsPrije 2 dana
  • the snl skit was so accurate lmao i love it

    meltemmeltemPrije 2 dana
  • Im not at all defending having a wedding during covid but didnt safiya and tyler also have their wedding in nov and release the video in jan/feb? They also had it secretly? Wheres the difference? Safiya also made wedding planning vlogs..? Just wondering

    L BL BPrije 2 dana
    • @byFrida saf and tyler also hid it, fans only found out bc ppl noticed that tyler was wearing his wedding ring in an ig pic

      L BL BPrije 2 dana
    • I think people are annoyed that they hid it, which included not posting a video, I really don't think people would have cared otherwise. They hid it because they knew it was wrong, not because of taking time editing or anything.

      byFridabyFridaPrije 2 dana
    • @byFrida yea like i said, im not condoning their wedding during a pandemic. But the criticism they are receiving is also for not releasing the wedding video even tho they made so many wedding vlogs.. even tho safiya and tyler did the same

      L BL BPrije 2 dana
    • Safiya and Taylor got married in 2019

      byFridabyFridaPrije 2 dana
  • naw pham new better. she did it with the mindset "we can just make an appology video, and then it wont matter" appology not accepted

    Mae CarraMae CarraPrije 2 dana
  • keemstar talking about bias when he hates ethan...

    uiiy ruuiiy ruPrije 2 dana
  • Commenting for a fully loaded phone

    Laura FischerLaura FischerPrije 2 dana
  • ur makeup looks so good omg

    izzy appsizzy appsPrije 2 dana
  • She’s aware, David literally told trish to go talk to Natalie about the videos and editing.

  • hi

    Madison HMadison HPrije 2 dana
  • She bleeped luke 3 fovids just to foget the last one. Oopsie lol

    Ashley IbarriaAshley IbarriaPrije 2 dana
  • engagement comment

    Nutshella .xNutshella .xPrije 2 dana
  • Commenting bc I don't want the threat to come true

    Adí KazdováAdí KazdováPrije 2 dana
  • so many weird wrong things are happening in the internet

    keniakeniaPrije 2 dana
  • i liked ryan and i didn’t know hailey but as soon as they started dating they both got super influencer, super self centered-y, inflated ego, just a whole vibe of being like untouchable and out of touch. this isn’t the first shit they’ve done, remember that whole like super influencer mindset video hailey made a while back that was just super out of touch? they just don’t realize rules apply to them too. it also doesn’t supeise me that they rushed into marriage to do the deed lmao, whats even the point of waiting then

    GiantHippo444GiantHippo444Prije 2 dana
  • If possible, if you can go over the drama of readchoi from tiktok? I think it's important for other's to know, and there is evidence.

    Viv-ChanViv-ChanPrije 2 dana
  • getting married in the middle of a pandemilovato is not a “mistake”, it’s an event that takes months to plan out and they took an active decision every day to do it anyway. youtubers really think they can throw the words “accountability” and “mistake” around and fix what they did.

    hannahhannahPrije 2 dana
  • Engagement

    George HallGeorge HallPrije 2 dana
  • When it comes to Haley and the wedding problem, I understand why they went with it without posting about it. As private citizens they have every right to have a wedding in the way they want. We don't know if people were vaccinated or if they had people tested beforehand to be as safe as possible and not need for people to be masked. The matter of them profiting off of wedding content and then not film the wedding is a separate issue, but when it comes to how they conducted their wedding, I personally don't feel like they were necessarily irresponsible in that decision. As someone who's had to think of having a wedding during the pandemic, it isn't as easy to say "Oh we'll sign the papers and have the ceremony later." Some people can do that and the meaning isn't lost, but for others its a serious sacrifice to do that. I think its a bit unfair to assume we know how it all went down and judge them for their decision on that front.

    l3ah_buggl3ah_buggPrije 2 dana
  • its good how social media exists u can see how fucked up ppl r without having a fisage of having celebs like this rly good model in a way LOL

    vaginaltearvaginaltearPrije 2 dana
  • My husband and I got married in December, during the pandemic, and what we did was signed our marriage license and had just our best friend and his wife at our house. Our best friend got ordained so he married us and his wife signed our license as our witness. We spend almost every day with them and have since before the pandemic. My husband and I planned to have a wedding after COVID is officially in the past. It’s not that hard. So why have a wedding now? There’s no reason why it can’t wait

    HeyItsCarrieHeyItsCarriePrije 2 dana
  • Here for the ✨engagement✨

    Michael-Ann DrewMichael-Ann DrewPrije 2 dana

    Teeba Al-ShididiTeeba Al-ShididiPrije 2 dana
  • The threat is brutal

    DDPrije 2 dana
  • My sleep deprived brain thought you meant Nikita and Trisha were gonna have a boxing match because you said Nikita vs Trisha right after talking about the Austin/Bryce match 😂😭

    doodles1331doodles1331Prije 2 dana
  • Used your code for Adam & Eve 💕 thanks for that ;)

    Nikki CroftNikki CroftPrije 2 dana
  • 99% sure the main reason haley and ryan were rushing to get marrried was bc they were waiting til marriage...

    caitlin eakincaitlin eakinPrije 2 dana

    Rebekah BowlingRebekah BowlingPrije 2 dana
  • I find it hilarious how Nikita and Trisha are arguing about who is the more problematic and ending up having their past shit digged up like girl you could have just sayed nothing

    Luca LadànyiLuca LadànyiPrije 2 dana
  • When I checked a couple of days ago Josh Peck was still following David. I also feel like he owes the girls an apology considering he is in one of the videos laughing about her getting r***d and making jokes about date r**e drugs in the same clip...

    BearandBlossomBearandBlossomPrije 2 dana
  • Can you actually mention how Natalie was partying with Olivia Jade two weekends ago?? She needs to be called out for profiting off shady behavior 💀

    GuffterGuffterPrije 2 dana
  • I saw that james' products are on major sale in Germany, just as jeffree's where before they dropped them, so we will see how that will go

    Svenja KSvenja KPrije 2 dana
  • commenting for engagement because the threat is actually scary

    SilvijaSilvijaPrije 2 dana
  • 0 sympathy for anyone STILL purchasing youtubers subscription services at this point

    cameron olivercameron oliverPrije 2 dana
  • Ay aye never liked David because he gives of frat boy vibes gang rise up

    Gorillaz ArchiveGorillaz ArchivePrije 2 dana
  • your shirts so cute today omg

    Firefly 33Firefly 33Prije 2 dana
  • at this point I don’t even watch the original videos anymore. I know my girl Angelika has me with the reciepts, facts and summary

    Iva SkorjancIva SkorjancPrije 2 dana
  • *someone works for a problematic person* “you should quit and so on” do people not realise that quitting doesn’t pay the bills?

    Robin WillschRobin WillschPrije 2 dana
  • i love it that i never watched s=a single video of the vlog squad

    jeromebtchesjeromebtchesPrije 2 dana
  • Why does this rape apologist even have a platform? He is the advocate for all the misogynist wtf even watches him

    LiwiaGoszynskaLiwiaGoszynskaPrije 2 dana
  • commenting so i dont accidentally leave the house on 5% battery xxx

    Zoe ParkerZoe ParkerPrije 2 dana
  • proud to say that i never supported david dobrik because i knew that there was something off about him despite my friends literally forcing me to watch his vlogs. The reason why i know there was 'something off' about him is because the way he treats his friends, i watched him once because i was in this slumber party with my friends and one of them was watching his vids, she pulled me in and told me to watch, the girl was literally sexualized and harassed and david's male friends were laughing, my friends were laughing too, i remembered watching them with disgust and i wuestioned myself what kind of friends i have because theyre laughing at a girl being treated that way. Told them to stop watching him coz what thet were watching was slowly turning into how we treat each other, one of my 'friends' literally was pointing at one of my girl friends ass and saying how big and fuckable it is.. thats when i decided to not be around them anymore, yeah they talked shit about me, but whatever, i rather have no friends that be with ones that are rude and disrespectful af

    shoko latteshoko lattePrije 2 dana
  • Angelika, I didn't like your last video and my phone broke. Please, have mercy.

    SilverKyriaSilverKyriaPrije 2 dana