11 Crazy Ways to Sneak Food Into the Hospital! Funny Situations & Edible DIY Ideas by Crafty Panda

5. Vel 2021.
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Hey there, sneaky Pandas! Hospitals don’t have to be scary if you know these funny ways to sneak food anywhere! Use our clever DIY tips & hacks on how to sneak snacks into the hospital and you will instantly feel better! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more funny situations & the best pranks by Crafty Panda!
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Candy In Neck Cast
Staff Dealer
Coke Drip System
Bandits Attack
Hypnotizing Candy
Human Organs Box
Pampers With Candy
Candies Under Skirt
Candies In Weights
Crisps Chain
Fitness Mat With Food

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  • There's lore here, let me explain my Candy Addiction Center theory. These people are heavily addicted to candy, and this is a rehabilitation center. Why on Earth would someone go to such great lengths to sneak in a Snickers bar into a hospital of all places? That lady licked from the IV, what nurse in their right mind would do that? Someone who knew that this has happened before. In normal hospitals if there's an area where no food is allowed they would just throw that food away, especially during covid times. I wonder if the reason that they're leaving the confiscations up on display almost torturing them is to help the people try to build tolerance to seeing the candy. But it goes further than that. there's a point where there's a dance and even the nurse herself is sneaking in candy. She's addicted too. why would they even confiscate the candy and not simply throw it out? She's keeping the candy for herself. I mean just look how mad they go when she pulls out a Snickers.

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